Single PG Rooms Are The Most Preferred Accommodation In Bangalore

Posted by Yogesh Malviya on September 21st, 2022


Yup, single room PGs in Bangalore are the most preferred option to stay for young folks right now. But it’s not very surprising, is it? Nope. Because honestly, they offer the two basic things that just everybody wants. First, the privacy of a solo apartment. And second, the tons of amenities that you get in a PG that you won’t get in a solo apartment. But don’t worry. We’ll paint a more detailed picture to sell you on this.


And one more thing tho. Do you know the one thing that’s preferred more than even single rooms in Bangalore? Well, it’s the single rooms that are inside co-living spaces, and not just inside your ordinary, local PGs. If you need proof, just look at our Stanza living residences . At our co-living spaces, we provide you with professional housekeeping, laundry services and yum daily meals that are prepared by pro chefs. On top of that, you get access to our Stanza Living – Resident App where you can opt-in and opt-out of add-on services and pay your monthly rent too. But enough about us already. Now, we’ll just tell you about the benefits of living in a single room hostel in Bangalore. So read on.


Benefits of living in a single room accommodation in Bangalore

4 main benefits of living in a single room accommodation in Bangalore:


Budget Friendly

A PG single room in Bangalore can be your best bet if you are on a tight budget. That is, if you want the amenities of a PG and the independence of a solo apartment. So in case you want to get more value-for-money, then look no further than a single room in a co-living space in Bangalore.


Safety And Security

You see, your local PGs don’t have much to offer in terms of safety and security measures. At the most, they just have a CCTV camera at the entry gate. And half of the time, that camera is not even turned on. But when it comes to a co-living space, you don’t have to lose sleep over your personal safety. They’ve got security measures that no independent landlord can even afford to put up. So basically, a single room PG in Bangalore is perhaps more secure than a lot of other accommodation options.


Plenty of Amenities

So here’s the no.1 reason why most people prefer single rooms in a co-living PG. They provide a number of amenities that would cost a fortune if you were to get them in place in a solo apartment. For example, imagine hiring a house help on a hefty fee. At a co-living space like Stanza Living, you don’t have to worry about that. Coz we provide you with daily housekeeping that’s carried out by expert staff. A service that’s included as a part of your rent.


Good Localities

So here’s another thing about co-living PGs. They’re located close to top colleges, universities and corporate parks in Bangalore. So instead of going through the taxing task of finding an apartment nearby, you’d rather go to ready-to-move-in single rooms that are tailor-made for your convenience, isn’t it? Yes. So that’s it. We rest our case here.

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