The Emergence Of Anti-Drone Technology

Posted by NQ Defense on September 21st, 2022

In recent years, the drone industry has flourished in both the military and civilian fields. In the civilian field, drones play an important role in sectors such as agriculture, forestry and plant protection, emergency response and disaster relief, logistics and transportation, and security inspection. In the military field, drones have taken on increasingly important tasks in battlefield surveillance, intelligence gathering, electronic reconnaissance, command and communication, electronic attacking, firepower attacking, and other fields due to their characteristics including high altitude, high speed, stealth, and long flight time.

At the same time, with the increasing popularity of various remote-controlled helicopters and multi-rotor aircrafts that are easy to operate, accidents such as unauthorized drones interfering with air order are frequent, posing a serious challenge to the safety and security in important regions and public security management, and have attracted great attention to anti-drone systems globally.

In the face of the “aggressive offensive” of drones, anti-drone technology has emerged and is becoming more mature. The anti-drone technology system is mainly composed of the following technologies: detection, tracking and early warning technology, damage capture technology, jamming technology, and deception technology. In addition, technologies such as comprehensive interference, suppression and deception can also take over the core navigation system of the drone, so that the drone can be effectively controlled and captured.

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