Interesting facts on sandstone

Posted by Adam Finn on September 22nd, 2022

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One very interesting fact about sandstone is that it records the history of the surface and its conditions when the sand had originated. This is owed to the rapidity with which the sandstone is formed. Sandstone also have a porous nature.

Because of its tendency to record the history of the surface when it was formed (thanks to the high rapidity of its formation), sandstone imparts a uniform colour throughout the surface of the stone. This makes sandstone a very appropriate material for interior décor and design.

There are some types of sandstone which are resistant to weathering. And at the same time, quite ironically, despite being resistant to weathering, they are easy to work with. All these features collectively make sandstone a very suitable material for construction buildings, houses, tabletops and pavements. One of the key features which makes sandstone very favourable to be worked with is the fact that it is very soft compared to granite (which is extremely hard). Because of the softness of texture, sandstone can be easily manipulated. Because it can be easily manipulated it is easier to work with and make construction and pavement happen.

Because of its nature of being architecture friendly, these have been in use as building materials since pre-historic times. As a matter of fact, we hind many pillars of cultural heritage built from sandstone- the buildings of Washington DC and the grand Taj Mahal in India. All these monuments were made from Sandstone.

Stand stone has often been deemed as a stone of creativity because of its tremendous contribution to creating uniquely beautiful structures. Sandstone is believed to have astrological properties too. For instance, it makes one calmer and in general discourages bad tempers. It makes one creative and help facilitate easy movement and encourage positive changes in life. Sandstone has also been used to treat wounds and broken bonds. It has a tendency to retain water. As a matter of fact, it helps in retention of water. This makes it very suitable for pavements, because it soaks in water, retains the water and then allows it to either harvest or encourage seepage to enhance the ground water table.

Sandstone is an example of sedimentary rocks. It is basically composed of sand grains. These sand grains are cemented or bonded together by quartz (which is basically silica), or clay, or calcite. One of the factors which make sandstone a favourite for design and construction is the fact that you can avail it in a wide array of colours. The colour of sandstones can easily range from white, tan, cream to reds, dark brows; and in some cases, even light pink and purple.

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