Best Types of Knee Sleeves and Braces for Five Common Pain Conditions

Posted by Gale Freeman on September 22nd, 2022

Knees are some of the most frequently injured joints. The causes and severity of knee damage vary significantly from minor sports injuries to chronic pain from arthritis. Many of the most common types of knee damage can be managed effectively at home, although it's important to visit a doctor for help with diagnosing serious injuries.

Once patients know what's causing their knee pain, they can work with medical professionals to determine the best treatment plan. Treatment will usually involve a combination of physical therapy and at-home care, though in some cases, surgery may also be required. Read on to find out about the types of knee sleeves and braces recommended for treating the most common knee injuries.

Knee Sleeves for Osteoarthritis

Managing the pain from an injury can be difficult, but treating knee pain caused by a chronic condition poses even more of a challenge. The best form of bracing for osteoarthritis of the knee is the elastic knee compression sleeve, which adds medial and lateral stabilization and features a cut-out to support the kneecap. For people with mild arthritis, it's a great fit.

Knee Braces for Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Patellofemoral pain syndrome is common in athletes. It's a type of repetitive use injury that causes kneecap damage as a result of overuse. Patellofemoral pain is usually treated with a relatively flexible brace such as a wraparound, an open patellar brace, or a knee sleeve.

Knee Braces for ACL Injuries

The ACL, short for anterior cruciate ligament, helps to stabilize the knee. When that ligament gets torn or sprained, the injury can result in both serious pain and dangerous joint instability. The best option for patients struggling with ACL injuries or recovering from ACL reconstruction is a rigid, hinged brace that provides maximum support.

Knee Braces for Patellar Tendonitis

Patella tendonitis, sometimes referred to as runner's knee, occurs when the tendons connecting an athlete's shinbone to their kneecap become inflamed. A good knee brace will compress the patellar tendon and alleviate stress. Many professionals recommend strap-style braces.

Knee Braces for Meniscus Injuries

Meniscus tears are relatively common injuries. This type of damage occurs when the cartilage between the shinbone and thighbone sustains damage. Knee braces designed to help people with meniscus injuries must prevent excessive movement while still allowing the wearer to function. Unloader braces are a good option.

Get on the Road to Better Health

Suffering from a knee injury and not sure how to set up an effective home treatment routine? Finding the right type of knee support is an excellent start. Reach out to a doctor, physical therapist, or reputable medical device vendor for help.

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