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Posted by Carpets Thailand on September 23rd, 2022

Rugs add that elegance, beautify the home, and bring you joy every time you look at attractive colours. To maintain the pristine appearance of the rug for many years, no matter what you try to keep it from soiling, it will accumulate dust and dirt. As the rug is a sizable monetary investment, it becomes mandatory to make it last longer. 


If you want to know how frequently you should wash rugs then go ahead with the article that will determine the cleaning frequency.


How frequently do you vacuum your rug?


The dirt and dust lie on the surface of the carpet before settling into the deeper layers. Vacuuming once a week will help in removing the loose particles from the surface which prevents the deep settling of the dust and abrading the fibres. Regular vacuuming will prolong the gap between professional rug washing. It doesn’t mean regular rug washing if you are vacuuming regularly there is no requirement for professional carpet cleaning. If the rug is professionally cleaned, its quality will be preserved. 


Allergies are an indication to wash the rug


If anyone in the house with rugs is having allergies it indicates that the rug harbours allergy-inducing particles. Carpet fibres trap the dust and allergens that keeps floating in the air and get eliminated by vacuuming and rug washing. These trapped particles become airborne again when someone walks across the carpet. In case of chronic allergies, proper cleaning and washing are mandatory to remove these trapped allergens from the rug. 


The frequency of washing depends on the colour of the rug


The majority population prefers light-coloured carpets which brighten up a room. But the drawback of the light colour is that the dirt and stains are revealed easily. As compared to dark-coloured carpets and rugs, light-coloured ones need frequent cleaning and washing as you can easily detect a rising level of dirt, and reminds you to have professional rug washing.


A home with pets requires extra care


Although pets are well-trained, accidents might happen and can create a mess. One needs to take extra care if the home is shared with pets. Accidents like urine, faeces, or vomit give unsightly stains and unpleasant odours which catch attention at once. But if washed professionally twice a year it will neutralize the stains and smells and make it appear like a brand new rug. 


Heavy soiling determines deep cleaning frequently


Footprints, smears, spills & spatters need a certain cleaning regimen. Get your rug professional cleaning and washing twice or once a year at least that renews the rug in no time. Apart from just getting it cleaned anyhow, it is of utmost importance to have safety for kids and pets as well. Professionals will use an eco-friendly cleaning agent that is free from toxins and irritants. 




To maintain that aesthetic look of the carpet, dirt, and grit needs to be removed periodically that eventually will prevent wear and tear and enhance its longevity.

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