The Lowdown on Airline Miles Credit Cards

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Airline mile credit cards, also known as frequent flyer credit cards, enjoy tremendous popularity as a type of reward credit card. A cardholder is rewarded with points whenever he uses the card to make a purchase. The accumulated points can be redeemed for airline tickets once they reach a particular level.

There are several airline miles credit cards available in the market and these offer different value in terms of airline miles per dollar spent; they also differ in their respective terms and conditions. Thus, one needs to check out for the minimum number of air miles necessary for qualifying for a free ride as well the length of time before which the accumulated airline miles have to be redeemed.

Airline miles credit cards are a great buy for frequent flyers who can save substantially by using these cards; however, since these cards charge an annual fee, other related fees, and high interest rates, they may not be of any substantial benefit to those who are not regular flyers. Thus, while searching for an airline miles credit card, it is important to look out for a card that offers a balance of value and rewards. This means that the card should offer flexibility in selecting an airline, low annual fees and interest rates, and maximum free air miles.

Most airline miles credit cards offer bonus miles on the first purchase, no annual fee during the first year, and 0% APR on balance transfers and purchases made during the first twelve months. These are attractive inducements but one needs to consider the cost of maintaining an airline miles credit card after the initial period. The annual fee can be as high as $75 and the rate of interest can be 17% and beyond. It is important to understand the tradeoff between free miles upfront and other incentives against the cost of maintaining the card later on.

Some diligent searching online should yield information on cards that offer the perfect package which includes no annual fee, low interest rates, more miles earned on every dollar spent, and freedom to travel on any airline with no restriction of blackout dates. Cards that offer such facilities do not usually offer free miles upfront; however, the minimum slab required to qualify for free travel with these cards is usually lower than that for cards that offer free miles. The rate of interest is also lower by as much as 6% than that charged by cards that offer a lot of free miles upfront. Additionally, there are airline miles credit cards available that allow the card holder to accumulate points with tickets bought for any airline.

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