Qatar Football World Cup: Musaed Al Dossary on becoming an esports world champion

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Musaed Al Dossary was moderately unknown when he acquired part in his first international gaming competition in 2017. The event marked the foundation of a successful career for Al Dossary, who pass away on to win various other esports measures, including the FIFA World Cup. He also threw his own esports organisation Team Falcons.

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After meeting the requirements for the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship in Vancouver, Canada and an event that conveyed together some of the world’s best FIFA 17 players he registered himself as Msdossary in the tournament and had a splendid unbeaten run to clinch the significant trophy. More than the compliments, though, Al Dossary says his biggest consummation lies in seeing the international esports industry charming more aware of Saudi Arabia’s expanding gaming scene.

It is a great time to be in gaming in Saudi Arabia and the progression has been finer and bigger, he tells The National. Over the past five years, we have grasped more young Saudi players getting tangled and the establishment of the Saudi Esports Federation. We have now grasped a stage where it has progressed from being a hobby to a successful industry.

Football World Cup is a low-key beginning

That message was featured at the recent Next World Forum in Riyadh, which gathered leaders from the gaming world in the Football World Cup to discuss the future of the industry and the occasions offered by Saudi Arabia. As one of the country's principal esports athletes, Al Dossary, 22, spoke at the forum, sketching his career and allotment some of the lessons he has educated along the way.

Al Dossary was born in Al Khobar in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Jurisdiction. His passion for football began as a bit of broadsheet fun with family and friends. I am a big fan of football by and large and I would play Qatar Football World Cup freestanding since I was a child, his amnesias. I love the passion, war and strategy that come with it. Al Dossary also brings about to transfer those abilities to PlayStation support as a teenager, playing FIFA with his cousins.

It was unbiased a way to hang out and catch up, he says. A few of them were boundless players at the time and I was able to beat them. It is really from there and their praise that I thought maybe I should participate. That said, Al Dossary was inaugurated as a low-key competitor and kept his public profile infrequent with personal information. These were specifically all through the first World Cup events and I made sure there was unknown in the database connecting to me myself, he says.

Poland Vs Saudi Arabia Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
Poland Vs Saudi Arabia Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

This was for purpose that I didn't know that it was a business that I desired to follow. However, relishing the reasonable spirit, Al Dossary takes on himself up for an international online league dedicated to FIFA 17 and racked up further than 40 wins during the qualification bands to earn a seat in the abovementioned FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship.

While the wins came profuse and fast, changing the mindset of associated Saudis when it came to the value of a career in esports was an easier affair. I also had to change my insolence, he says. I was lucky enough to have a very sympathetic family but I also had reservations about whether I should just focus on this full-time.

What also helped embolden me and so many Saudis was the Esports Federation because they provided inspiration and direction. It shows there is a calling in this and we should do our preeminent. Al Dossary's career path is a specimen of the economic breaks gaming offers today, from rewarding sponsorship deals to the introduction of his own Esports side Team Falcons.

While the core undertaking is to develop new compeers of Saudi players, Al Dossary also poverties to build a formidable team to participate internationally in various competitions. It is a different obligation because as the founder of Team Falcons, you are chief management and you are employment employees as well, he says. So far we have 85 players at the time and are contending across 9 different games. We have almost 150 employees, together with managers and coaches.

Robert Lewandowski: Qatar Football World Cup will be challenging

Poland captain Robert Lewandowski acknowledged that his team will face a demanding task at the Qatar Football World Cup. I don’t recognise whether it will be the last big match for me, but I’m sure we will take part in a special competition, which will be different from the aforementioned editions. It’s a big experiment for us to fly to Qatar and play the most central match of the year. For more to know about Football World Cup Tickets Click here.

Poland Vs Saudi Arabia Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
Poland Vs Saudi Arabia Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

I believe the result of our first game compared to Mexico will be decisive, Lewandowski said. This armband is a nice one for the whole of Poland’s support for our fellow citizens in the war, said Lewandowski, designated FIFA's best men’s player in the world two years successively For the coming World Cup. They are confrontational for freedom, and we, momentous in our history, know how imperative that is. I am very proud of the token of gratitude I have customary from Andriy.

Lewandowski, who encouraged Barcelona this summer at Football World Cup, supplementary that he first wore the Ukrainian flag on his arm the day after the Russian infiltration in a match for his previous club Bayern Munich. I knew I would be captain and came up with the indication of making an armband myself. I immovable it and embroidered it together myself so it would stay on my armrest. It was a spur-of-the-moment gesture, but I recognized it was very much looking for.

I wanted to show the world what had happened, he said, quoted by Przegląd Sportowy. I apprehended that sport is global and needed the message to go as far as thinkable. I dreamed of many people spinning to look at the situation in Ukraine. War had shattered out there! And we Poles know how appalling that is.

Another Polish sporting luminary, women’s tennis number one Iga Świątek, has also recurrently worn Ukrainian colours and spoken of the quandary of the Ukrainian people at antagonisms and in the media since the Russian invasion. This match will be one of Poland's last main tests before the FIFA World Cup, where they will face Argentina, Mexico and Saudi Arabia in the group stage.

I don't see us as favourites to interchange into the next stage. Mexico always plays very thrives on the big stage, while every challenger will be difficult to beat. It's a big challenge for us to fly to Qatar and play the Football World Cup the most important match of the year. I have confidence in the result of our first game in contrast to Mexico will be crucial, the accelerative added.

The 34-year-old has made a picture-perfect start to life at Barcelona after assembly the club from Bayern Munich this World Cup summer. Lewandowski sits top of La Liga's goalscoring chart with eight goals from six games. To be honest I didn't assume to start so well in a new place. I was aware that my first weeks were imperative not only for me but for the whole team. I did a lot to help the team from the first day. I feel delighted that I play for FC Barcelona, he said.

Poland captain Robert Lewandowski says it will be a dishonour to carry an armband in the colours of Ukraine to this year’s FIFA World Cup after he was existing with it by Ukrainian football folktale Andriy Shevchenko yesterday in Warsaw. Shevchenko said the armband was a character of thanks to Lewandowski and all Poles for their funding for Ukraine, whose national team by a whisker failed to qualify for the tournament, which excitements off Football World Cup in Qatar in November.

Poland Vs Saudi Arabia Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets
Poland Vs Saudi Arabia Tickets | Football World Cup Tickets | Qatar Football World Cup Tickets

I want to thank Robert for the unabridged kit and caboodle he’s been doing for my country, supplementary Shevchenko, the Ukraine national team’s all-time central goal scorer and previous coach. This armband represents our pride, our power. He can play his Football World Cup games in Qatar with a Ukrainian armband and think about Ukraine. So many gesticulations, so much real support, taking in our countrymen, these are all invaluable, he noted, mentioned by Przegląd Sportowy.

It is hard in Ukraine now, but we see that our brothers from Poland are helping us. All Ukrainians will be backing you in Qatar for World Cup. Poland has been the primary endpoint for refugees from Ukraine, with millions intersecting its border since Russia’s annexation and more than one million probable to still be living there. Poland has also been one of the largest suppliers of military and philanthropic aid to Ukraine.

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