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Posted by Norton Support on June 7th, 2016

  1.     Norton Discovers and Fix Security Vulnerabilities

As the technology is getting matured day-by-day, cybercriminals are getting sophisticated with advanced tools and techniques to attack a computer system. Every day, we come across some new types of threat that appear to be strange and dangerous as well. And they infect the computers those are much venerable to the malware attacks. How Norton Antivirus fix such malware and malware programs visit Norton website for support.

A zero-day threat is a new type of cyber threat, which takes advantage of unidentified computer security vulnerability. The term is originated from the time of the exploit that happens before or on the first day when the developers gets aware of it. What it means that there is no any solution or bug-fix for the threat that has happened to your computer system. Read more at https://storify.com/nsph/800-961-1963-nortondiscovers-and-fix-security-vuln

  1.     Norton Safeguard Your LinkedIn Login Details

With unending threats from cybercriminals, it is probably the most essential thing to ensure your computer system is immune to all types of threats from cybercriminals. As LinkedIn credentials have largely been at stake for the last some years, it is necessary to get a solution that can help you avoid all threats approaching to your computer system through the internet. Visit Norton technical support page for help and solutions.

In the year 2012, LinkedIn witnessed a data breach of six million active users who apparently found their credentials exposed to unauthorized access – though the real figure is larger than what actually was reported. Read more at http://www.scoop.it/t/customer-outlook-support/p/4064836813/2016/06/07/800-961-1963-norton-safeguard-your-linkedin-login-details

  1.     Get Technical Guide for Norton Protection Blog

With increasing dependency on the internet, we, one way or another, all are exposed to cyber crime in several ways. Almost everyone who uses internet must be aware of the standard faces of malware such as phishing scams, adware, spyware, viruses, worms, and others. However, as the technology reaches a new notch every day, so do cybercriminals, and they are trying their best to access a computer system in order to fetch the information without informing the user.

But on the other hand, we do have some solid solutions to the problem that doesn’t have any particular face. With the help of advanced anti-malware programs and firewall mechanism, we can ensure a reliable protection against such strange threats. Norton Internet Security is largely preferred just because of its technical qualities that can help you protect your computer system and your important data files. Read more at http://nortonhelp.support/norton-protection-blog-and-technical-guide/

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