Why Is HDPE So Popular? Benefits Of Tungsten Polymers

Posted by Michael Luis on September 25th, 2022

HDPE or high density polyethylene is a thermoplastic. It has a high strength making it suitable for various applications such as storage bottles to pipes. Its melting point is very high compared to other plastics. It accounts for 34% of the worldwide plastic market.

HDPE gained wide popularity because products made using it last longer. Its maintenance is very easy. The products made using high density polyethylene are highly safe. The food stored in such containers does not get contaminated. Therefore, you can use high density polymer for food storage without any worries of health hazards.

Maintains rigid structure

High density polyethylene maintains a rigid structure till it reaches the melting point. You can easily mold it into your desired shape after it reaches the melting point. Therefore, it is ideal for the manufacture of water bottles, food containers, and plastic lumber.

You need not worry about rotting because it is corrosion resistant. It can be used for underground pipes. It can also be sterilized by boiling and is hence ideal for food containers. It facilitates easy maintenance because of resistance to cleaning fluids and mineral acids. HDPE is also resistant to some acids and common solvents.

The density of high density polyethylene

●    The density of HDPE ranges from 930 to 970 kg/m3.

●    It has a linear structure. Its tensile strength is very high.

●    It is suitable for heavier loads compared to other polythene types.

●    It is also considered environmentally friendly despite being non-biodegradable.

●    Recycled HDPE finds wide usage in automobile parts like fuel tanks and plastic furniture.

●    Usage in 3D printing filaments.

●    Usage in beverage containers.

●    Used in facial and skeletal reconstruction.

●    Affordable.

●    Resistance to UV light

Benefits of Tungsten Polymers

Tungsten resin aka tungsten polymer is used in the manufacture of clothing for protection from radiation. It also finds wide usage in the production of radiation protection products for medical applications. You can also manufacture radiation protection skirts using this polymer.

It will not harm your health and is environmentally friendly. The sheets manufactured using polymer tungsten offer improved performance. It is a natural rubber and non-toxic. It replaces the need for lead, which poses a threat to human health and the environment.

Finds usage in nuclear, medical, and military industries

The outstanding properties of tungsten polymers make them suitable for use in the medical, military, and nuclear industries. Lead is affordable but poses a threat to the environment besides health hazards. Therefore, cost-effective tungsten polymers find wide usage in various applications because it matches the properties of lead.

Tungsten polymers properties are

●    Easy malleability

●    Free from toxins

●    Enhanced performance to protection from radiation

●    Flexible

●    Easy to handle and process because of no harmful effects on human health

●    Resistant to organic solvents

●    11.0 g/cc density

Tungsten polymers are used in the production of medical x-ray machines and x-ray devices. They are also used for radiation shielding in medical and nuclear industries. You can also use them in counterweight balance applications like ballasts and motors. It reduces the shock caused due to vibration in automotive applications. It also finds usage in aviation headphones for soundproofing.

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