Avoid Hard Water Skin Irritations with the Right Shower Filters

Posted by PARTIK on June 8th, 2016

The main motive of installing shower filters is to deal with hard water, but you also need to get rid of harmful chemicals that evaporate when you heat water for bathing. We inhale these vapours as we bath in a closed bathroom, which could be the cause of variety of disease including hard water skin irritations and allergies.

Chlorine which is a common disinfectant added by municipals to water to kill germs also vaporizes. This is very harmful as it affects the sinus tissues and irritates the entire respiratory system. These chemical vapours also cause asthma attacks and that is why indoor swimming pools are shut down when there is increase in chlorine levels in water.

The best quality shower filters for hard water make use of ion exchange to reduce the excessive mineral content in water and soften hard water. It will also remove copper and lead that may get dissolve from the metallic pipes. Traces of metals are very bad for hair and lead is extremely harmful for health.

These filters use granulated carbon for removing chlorine and other harmful chemicals. A process called adsorption is used to eliminate maximum number of chemicals. This process is also quite effective in removing chlorinated by products which are held responsible for causing cancer.

Prices of hard water filter can vary greatly and it does not mean that the most expensive ones would be the best in dealing with hard water. People sometimes feel that reverse osmosis is the best way to deal with hard water. But, it is expensive and not needed as it creates gallons of waste water. There are no hard water filters specifically designed for showerheads and a filter system has to be installed for the entire house.

If you want to install one for your shower, go for the product which has been widely accepted by Consumer Reports. Such a product will have certified product performance data to show. Moreover, the cost of running such a filter would be only a few pennies per day and the filter can last for complete 6 months.

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