How Can You Install Performed Ponds? A Step By Step Guide

Posted by MasonMiller on September 26th, 2022

If you have buy ponds and want to install them, then you are at the right place at the right time. Ponds are the simplest and most convenient way to make your place look beautiful and add value to your house.

However, often the question that comes to mind is whether you need a professional to install ponds or you can go for some DIYs. Well, in that case, it is totally upon you. But for helping you, here is a step-by-step installation guide for Voorgevormde vijver. Go through it and install ponds in the yard house easily.

Decide the location

First, a person must decide where they want their pond to be. Afterward, they must mark the shell using flour, chalk, or lime. Besides, if you wish your ponds to be irregular, you can flip any substance upside down and make a mirror image using chalk. For more information about garden center vincent on

Dig out the dirt

Once you have marked where you want the pond, you must dig the soil to the full depth. Make sure you dig at least 1 ft. In that case, it will be easy for you to place the pond in position. However, ensure you excavate the section first and then dig the soil.

Level base

When you have completed the excavation proves, you need to level up the base of your hole. Make sure that there is no undulation or stones present. Moreover, if the ground you are digging is very stony, lay down a shallow bed of sand to add a cushion layer to your pond. In addition, make sure that the coating is at least 22mm.

Put the shell into the hole

You need to put the Preformed Pond shell and use a spirit level that detects whether the shell is aligned correctly. After which, you might need to remove the pond shell to add some oil and make it more even.

Place the slabs

Now the area around the pond should be at the level of the ground. And for that, you need to place slabs around your ponds. Make sure you mark the position before placing the slabs and remove the soil and grass to a depth of 2.5mm. In this depth, you need to place the slabs.


Now you can use the excavated soil to fill the gaps at the sides of the pond and the hold. Make sure there is no loose space, so compact the area using soil. You can also add plants or any other decoration-ideas that you need around your pond.

Put the clean sand around the pond’s edge

After assembling the pond, you need to surround the edge with River Sand, which should be at least 25mm thick when it gets dry. You need to cover the entire area around your pond's compacted edge.

Smoothen the sand

Now take a straight edge of the wood and smooth the layer of sand. For drainage, you need to slope slighting the paved surface away from the edge of your preformed pond.

Lay down the slabs

After smoothening, you must lay down the paving slabs with mortar on the sand. Press these slabs firmly and check whether the surface is whole flat or not.

Fill gaps

Now you need to fill the gaps between the slabs and plants. You can use cover ground that will control all the moisture. Moreover, you can also add pebbles around the ponds to make them look attractive.

Fill the pond with clean water

Now finally, you need to fill the pond with clean water. Therefore before filling, you should also select water lilies, fish, and aquatic plants.

With these 11 simple steps, you can easily install a pond in your backyard or any other place of the house at ease. It is quite easy, and you do not need any professional skills.

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