Different Aspects of a Foreign Language

Posted by british express on September 26th, 2022

Languages are a medium of communication, which are basis of the existence of the human race. There are instances when we might have to travel to a foreign country for work or studies or just for fun, and at that time languages play a vital role. As a human being, we do have certain limitations and it is beyond our capability to explore and learn each and every foreign language. There are a few globally acclaimed languages that are spoken or at least understood in most of the countries.

This includes the likes of English, Chinese, Spanish, and French among others. At British Express, the main aim of the tutors is to inculcate in the students the basic of a foreign language, so that they can initiate or at least understand the language. They provide short term courses, which obviously won’t provide your expertise, but you will be able to communicate well even if stranded in a foreign country.

Foreign Language V/S Local Language

A local language is usually a language that is spoken by most of the speakers of the country and it is easily understood by all, however the foreign language is any other language than the local language. Local language is often considered to a recognised and official language of the country while a small population speaks and understands the foreign language in that specific region.

The local language is usually taught in the schools or learnt from birth itself from parents, however, there are multiple foreign languages and that can be learnt from an experienced tutor. It is not practically possible to learn each and every foreign language but as there is only one mother tongue or local language, it can be learnt- every aspect including reading, writing and listening. British Express has short term certificate courses for multiple foreign languages including the most renowned and popular Spanish Language Courses. For some these foreign languages can be second language but at times, it is difficult to learn every single aspect of a language all by you. The academy opens its doors for students at all level of knowledge including a complete fresher.

Aspects of a Foreign Language

Learning a language is a cumulative process and at every step you will be acquainted with a new knowledge. Be it any language or the German Language Courses at the academy, the trainers will focus on building a strong base at first. The first and the foremost step of learning is listening and pronunciation that includes listening to a sound and gain proper pronunciation. Listen and try to grasp the meaning of the word as it is the practise that makes you perfect.

Apart from listening, always make it a point to speak the word and sentences so that you can improve. The next step is speaking that includes accuracy, sentence structuring, speak constantly with the native speakers. The reading part focus mainly on grammar, vocabulary requires speaking and learning new words. The important and final aspect of a language is writing. To make sure you can write well in a foreign language, understand the grammar and sentence strutting well. At the end, the sentences should make sense.

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