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Posted by chadwick on September 26th, 2022

Casamigos is recognized as one of the best tequila brands in the world. The award-winning spirit brand was created in 2013 by Hollywood legend George Clooney, entrepreneur Mike Meldman, and restaurateur Rande Gerber.

The agave plant is the only plant that has ever been used to make tequila. In Jalisco, a mountainous region in Mexico, Casamigos Tequila is made from hand-selected Blue Weber Agaves.

The trio never intended to sell the spirits to the public, but they have now created an exquisite line of spirits. It takes 72 hours for the tequila to be distilled and 80 hours for it to be fermented. Unlike other mainstream brands on the market, their tequila takes 152 hours to make.

Casamigos tequila comes in three different types: Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo. These varieties are expertly crafted to fulfill all of the traditional roles of each, while retaining the precision that makes them suitable for straight drinking or sipped on the rocks.

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This article analyzes and compares three different varieties of Casamigos tequila. We will compare Casamigos Reposado and Casamigos Blanco for everyday use. We will highlight each product along with how to drink it.

Casamigos Reposado

A Reposado is the most well-known flavor profile for tequila drinkers. Whether served straight up, over ice, or paired with a cocktail, it is perfect for any occasion. With its sweet and spicy complex flavors, the Reposado is not harsh in any way.

Appearance: A golden, honey color, with a slight pink hue. Still, it is pale and transparent.

Aroma: Caramel with hints of cocoa.

Taste: Peppery-ness from the spicy oak. They were followed by sweetness and depth from the roasted agave. Finished with notes of dried fruits from the barrel. Sharp, yet smooth.

Age and ABV: Casamigos Reposado tequila is aged in American oak for seven months with an ABV of 40%. This gives it the perfect balance of punch, and smoothness whenever you drink it.

The Reposado is the staple of the Casamigos flavors. This refreshing drink is perfect to be enjoyed over ice, or diluted with a little soda water. The tequila stands out beautifully in a Tommy's margarita, of course.

Casamigos Blanco

The taste of blanco tequila is softer and smoother. In addition to being light, it is served over ice simply and beautifully. As an ingredient in cocktails, it becomes more malleable. For example, you could make a classic margarita or a cucumber mint and lime margarita.

Appearance: Crystal clear.

Aroma: Hints of citrus and sweet agave.

Taste: Smooth and subtle, with different pepper front notes of the Reposado. It has more of an herbaceous bite, like that of a jalapeno. At the back end, hints of grapefruit and vanilla.

Age and ABV: Casamigos Blanco is rested for 2 months in stainless steel, with an ABV of 40%.

A perfect drink to enjoy over ice. Casamigos Blanco has a much more delicate and subtler flavor profile compared to Casamigos Reposado.

It provides a great base for a Picante cocktail to enhance the subtle spice flavors. In order to balance the sharpness of the chili and tequila in a Picante cocktail, a chili salt rim is recommended.

Casamigos Anejo

Casamigos Anejo is the most aged of all Casamigos tequilas. Having spent twice as long in the barrels as the Reposado, the Anejo has a much sweeter profile. It is smooth and easy to drink straight. If you prefer your tequila with more bite, you might not consider this option.

Appearance: Rich caramel.

Aroma: Soft caramel and vanilla notes.

Taste: Primarily a sweet, full-bodied beverage. Full of the rich honey sweetness, paired with a bit of back-end pepperiness from the fermentation process.

Age and ABV: Casamigos Anejo is aged for 14 months in premium white American oak, with an ABV of 40%. This is a little bit longer than the standard aging time, giving it a richer, more esteemed flavor.

The Anejo tequila from Casamigos is the best example of their innovative flavors. It is recommended to drink it alone. When mixed with lime or other classic tequila cocktail ingredients, the subtleties and depth of the flavor are still apparent. However, it can be enjoyed on its own.

House of Casamigos Tequila

The products of Casamigos are of the highest quality. Due to the fact that tequila can only be produced by one plant in one country, it is usually more expensive. When it comes to tequila, Casamigos Tequila is an excellent choice.

The company was sold to multinational beverage company Diageo in 2017. As a result, their operation has become international, providing stock across Europe and beyond. There is no difference in the quality of Casamigos tequila flavors despite this sale.

Moreover, they now have an Oaxacan-sourced mezcal on the menu. There is no better Mezcal than this one, and it can compete with any producer who just makes mezcal. They seem to be a brand that will last for a long time.

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