FIFA 17 Shooting Tutorials: Precise finishing skills in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

Posted by upfifa on June 8th, 2016

"FIFA 17" how accurate shot? Many small partner, said in a shot that is not the high side, so how to choose the manner and intensity of shot it? Today small to bring "FIFA 17" Precision Shooting practical operating skills, I hope you like it, with the view of it. is the most popular fifa 17 coins ps4 store for goods and service about 8 years experience. All staff from are here 24/7 for you to make you satisfy.

Precision Shooting Tips

1, if not long-range shot is not instantaneous as possible by accelerating, if the long-range, then shot when the ball goes out of the moment, according to remote sensing down, do not press in the end, if the press is in the end the ball horizon;

2, the default shooting mode, then press volley that shot, Charge more than 50% -60%;

3, L2 + fancy shot is shot;

4, the front of it, a small force Charge shot flower arrangement, and so little power swivel shot misses;

5, Charge large if not fancy, and is the same as an ordinary shot volley;

6, affixed to mowing usually only appear in the long-range, or towards the ball blasts time. fifa 17 in very rare;

7, high-speed mowing formula can only be affixed to random out of the ordinary shot operation, long-range or disturbed when more than 50% of the power of the groove has a chance to be out;

8, and stable low drive slot Charge only smaller;

9, while the distance is generally no interference shot (not deliberately use by RB in the instep, then), the power of less than 20% -30% of the low shot (in accordance with the body position is automatically determined footwork or Tui volley), more than strength 30 percent of the ball will be kicked off the ground obvious, often there will be between 30% to 50% Auto Tui feet, then power is generally high volley footwork. would continue to offer professional FIFA 17 Tutorials for player play it easy. Hope this FIFA 17 Shooting Tutorial can help you win game easily.If you want to know more FIFA 17 news, guides and tips, please keep your eyes on, also here are cheap FIFA Coins on sale at cheapest price.

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