Influencing factors of yield strength of seamless steel pipes

Posted by zora li on September 28th, 2022

The so-called seamless steel pipe yield strength refers to the yield limit when the seamless steel tube yields, that is, the stress against the slight plastic deformation. External forces greater than this limit will permanently disable the part and will not recover.

The external factors that affect the yield strength of seamless steel tubes are: temperature, strain rate, and stress state. As the temperature decreases and the strain rate increases, the yield strength of the material increases, especially the body-centered cubic metal is particularly sensitive to temperature and strain rate, which leads to low temperature embrittlement of the steel. The effect of the stress state is also important. Although the yield strength is an essential indicator of the intrinsic properties of the material, the stress state is different and the yield strength values are different.

The intrinsic factors affecting the yield strength of seamless steel tubes are: bonding bond, organization, structure. For example, comparing the yield strength of metals with ceramics and polymer materials, it can be seen that the influence of bonding bonds is fundamental.

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