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Posted by Kirk on September 28th, 2022

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If you're looking for a freelance article writer to write your next marketing piece, you have a lot of options. Article writers specialize in a specific topic and have different approaches to the assignment. They may have different writing styles and different levels of experience, but they all should be able to deliver high-quality content that is readable and well-structured.

Writing a strong introduction

Writing a strong introduction for an article is an important part of the article writing process. It can help readers understand the importance of the topic and the approach used to address it. It can also draw attention to gaps in knowledge or set a specific territory within a broad field of research.

The length of an introduction will depend on the length of the piece, but it should be no less than half a page. A 40-page paper will require several pages of introductions, each spanning several paragraphs. To create a compelling and powerful introduction, start with a compelling topic sentence.

A good introduction should make the reader want to know more about the book. Don't give away too much personal information, but give enough to make the reader feel interested. If possible, make sure to tell them what they should expect from the book.

Using a SWOT analysis to determine the target audience

If you're choosing an article writer to create content for your website, you need to be honest about your goals. Using a SWOT analysis is a great way to understand your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your opportunities and threats. The SWOT analysis is based on the acronym VRIO, or "Valuable, Rare, Imitable, Organized." By using it, you'll be able to decide what types of writing to commission and what kind of approach is necessary to succeed.

To do a SWOT analysis, start by making a list of all your strengths and weaknesses. This list will prompt further lists, and the process will help you recognize the connections and contradictions. Using a SWOT analysis matrix can make this process easier.

Avoiding jargon

If you're choosing an article writer, you should avoid using jargon. Jargon is a common problem in many fields and can make your content difficult to understand. While it's polite to use jargon in social settings, your readers are not likely to understand it. They'll either click away or hang on for a bit.

Jargon puts up a barrier between you and your target audience and makes it hard to build a connection. Speaking in your target audience's language is vital in getting through to your audience. Don't be afraid to use industry-specific jargon if you want to appear knowledgeable and experienced, but avoid using it if you can.

You can tell if your writer uses jargon by how familiar they are with your industry or field. For example, the term "probate" is used by solicitors to describe the legal process of administering a deceased person's estate. This is a specialized term that can be confusing for the average person. Two solicitors may use the same term to describe the same procedure, while two auto detailers may only understand what "AIO polish" means.

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