Top 7 Replacement Parts for iPhone 11 in 2022

Posted by Amy Jackson on September 28th, 2022

iPhone 11 was released at Apple’s Headquarters, California in September. The supplies were gathered from all over the world to make sure that the design comes to reality. 

Apple sold millions of iPhones 11, ranking number one in global smartphone shipments in 2019. The iPhone 11 is and will remain an exceptional, present-day cellphone with plenty of life for years ahead. The smartphone world is repeatedly progressing. New gadgets are regularly released, and even newer models are always ready to capture the market. It still leaves little time for looking back at older generations. 

iPhone 11 is a global hit, so billions of repair and maintenance parts are still in production so that the market is always ready to deal with any sort of repair or replacement. It is a powerful device but still is man-made. A simple glitch in the screen or faulty charging port or an unstable camera leaves us to think that what will happen if the device keeps malfunctioning like this. So, Self Service is the simple solution for your device at home rather than going to certified professionals and paying an excessive amount. 

You can directly perform a repair and fix the issue that you are facing but for that, you need to go through the complete guide. You must have these 6 replacement accessories in order to get maximum performance from your iPhone 11. 

In this article, we’ve compiled an easy way you can save time and money if you are thinking of repairing your iPhone 11 at home. If you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to look your best while keeping your expenses in check. Here is a glimpse of 6 must-have replacement parts for iPhone 11 : 

Replacement Displays 

The screen is essential for its use. It is the most fragile component and the most revealed to breakage in everyday life! It covers the front and is open to scratches or cracks that can minimize its proper functioning. 

If your iPhone 11, screen has any problems displaying your iOS apps. After an unlucky fall or the screen is flawed and offers a panorama-like display. Touch does not counter properly and you have to struggle to browse your apps. In short, if you cannot use your iPhone then you are right to replace the screen with a Replacement Display to solve your problems. 

Logic Board, Face ID & Camera  

If your iPhone 11 Logic Board has died. Thanks to the Replacement Logic Board designed by MK Mobile INC, you will know how to pull out your logic board to repair it or replace it with a replacement logic board! 

Each iPhone's logic board and Face ID sensor are matched at the factory. Replacing the logic board impairs Face ID unless you also install a front camera and sensor that is properly put together to your new logic board.   

The logic board is designed precisely similarly to the original. The logic board is exactly of the same dimensions. All the adapters are pinpointed at the same places so that no chance of device malfunction occurs.     

Battery, Charging Port/Wireless Charging NFC 

Gradually, the rechargeable batteries in all iPhone models slump in their capacity and peak performance and will eventually need to be replaced. Replacing Battery comes with a much-improving battery size and a design that lasts longer. OEM Lithium-Ion Battery is non-removable. Designed exclusively for iPhone 11 battery replacement.   

If replacing the battery does not fix the issue of charging your device you may need to replace the Charging Port. The ports manufactured later use high-quality and excellent durable materials. If your device cannot charge or transfer data, this part is what you need.  

After replacing the battery and charging port you still may face issues charging wirelessly due to defective or broken wireless NFC coil. Replacing Wireless NFC Charger makes it fully capable of wireless charging faster.  

Rear Camera, Camera lens 

The camera updates on the iPhone 11 are the phone’s project features, so it’s extra irritating when your camera isn’t working. A glitch camera or cracked lens is frustrating for users. Luckily, completing an iPhone 11 camera repair is simple with the Camera Replacement Part. Swapping the rear cameras does not result in any kind of lock, because they’re not linked to the logic board. But still, in case of the lens breakout, you can simply replace the whole module. 

Full Back House Body  

If the back cover of your iPhone is bent or corners are damaged. You need to replace the back body in order to defend the other parts from damage. A broken back may lead other parts to malfunction. Are you looking for a fast and affordable back cover replacement? You will get it at MK Mobile Inc! 

The back body is the key element on which all the other major and minor parts of the iPhone 11 are assembled on the aluminum frame. They are available in similar dimensions and colors as the original.     

Button Set, SIM Tray & Screw Set 

Accidental fall leads to unresponsive buttons. Which is quite irritating while exploring your device. If you have no button sets you need to do everything using the Assistive Touch, but now you won’t even need to worry about that as the button sets are available in all colors and designed for optimum functionality. 

During the repair, you are going to reveal yourself to a number of screws that are small in size but more in numbers, that they can skip from your mind. So, you need all the replacement screws to be at your desk once you are thinking of fixing your iPhone 11. 

Although Sim Tray does not break or misplace easily, if you are changing the back body, you may need a similar sim tray replacement. So that your sim card functions as it is supposed to. 


Simply performing a force restart will only restart all background activities and give your iPhone a clean start in case anything had crashed since your last reboot and may have been causing the speakers on your iPhone 11 to stop working. If it is still unresponsive and broken you may need to replace the audio speakers and the complete audio IC with the part of the iPhone 11 including the speakers. 


Hopefully, this will help you figure out what repairing and maintenance parts are essential.  MK Mobile makes sure to follow all the required SOPs for the safety of its customers. Although the iPhone 11 is not a newer device in 2022 still its replacement parts are available. Choosing Replacement Parts of MK Mobile for the iPhone 11 should be the natural choice for you. We hope these tips will help you to look and feel your best.     



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