Property Valuers: Giving the Right Guidance before Investing

Posted by Epaphroditus Lock on June 8th, 2016

There are two types of properties a person requires in his life, one is residential property to live and lead a happy life and the other one is commercial property from where he conducts his daily business operations. But investing properties is not an easy task, it requires proper knowledge and research as huge investments are involved. Many valuation companies showcase their reports on commercial and residential properties so as to help the buyers and owners to make an informed decision which will, in turn, save the time and money of a person. In Dubai, many property valuation companies offer a variety of services to its clients like submitting a final report with proper assessment of the property, keeping a check on the legal matters and serving all other related purposes.

A valuer knows what things have to be evaluated and how to evaluate. Here are some of the things a valuer considers in Dubai while making the report for residential property valuation:

  • Fully coloured snapshots of the property for a better view.
  • A comprehensive list of all the features of the property.
  • Legal certificates and identification proofs.
  • Surrounding development details.
  • Availability of Public transportation facility.

These are some of the vital points which are to be considered while making a real estate valuation in Dubai. Valuers of Dubai make sure to keep these points in mind and prepare the report accordingly. While making the property valuation, valuers of UAE show the below-written values in the report so as to serve a more clear view of the buyers and help them to make a better decision:

  • Investment Value: When it comes to evaluating the property, it is very important to have a clear picture about the investment to be involved in the property. One must provide the clients with a quote for investing so as to safeguard them from getting cheated.
  • Insurable Value: This is a value which is set up for the parts of the property which are damaged and can be covered by the insurance.
  • Liquidation value: This one comes in the case of a commercial property, if a person is unable to meet the expenses, one can opt for liquidation and it is the duty of the valuer to provide the right liquidation value and help the client with the process.
  • Assessed Value: This one is the value assessed by the tax authorities after calculating and levying all the property taxes and related taxes.

So, if a person is looking for a place, may it be for rent or purchase, commercial or residential, make a wise decision and hire a valuer first so as to find the actual amount to the property. The money is earned by working extremely hard then why to waste it by making a bad investment, be prudent and learn the value of the property and then make up the mind and invest the money.

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