Introduction of Banner Advertisements

Posted by Avijit on August 18th, 2010

A banner advertisement is nothing but a small rectangular text or image or some times in
both medium advertisements displays in web pages. The function of it is ? when you click on
it, the advertisement redirect you to necessary web page or website.
It is a good and very basic advertisement idea. Still it has relevancy. In the year 1994,
banner advertisement first appears on the Internet. It is a one of the most favorite form
of advertisement for web masters and web publishers. Not only that, it is a very good
medium for generating some extra revenue for website owners.

Banner advertisement is a brilliant medium to promote your web site, establish your brand
and generate genuine traffic and overall improve your sales. Generally banner
advertisements are animated; for catching more attention for visitors. A good banner
advertisement can display some good information along with the company logo.

The success of a banner advertisement campaign depends on how effectively it designed and what?s more creativity used in the advertisement. Because the main objective of any banner advertisement campaign is ? garb the visitor?s attention and generate traffic. That can be easily achieved by using the good color combination and excellent creativity.

The performance of any banner advertisements measured by the numbers of clicks. There are some specific banner size created by different advertisement companies and major search engines. The sizes are ?

-    480 x 60 Pixels
-    392 x 72 pixels
-    234 x 72 pixels
-    120 x 240 pixels
-    125 x 125 pixels and many more?

The cost of banner advertisement varies, based on different company their prices are
different, as well as there are another two things you must consider before launching any
banner advertisement campaign ? the size of campaign and targeting options. The banner
advertisement campaign available under two categories. They are ? CPM basis (Cost Per
Thousand Impression) and CPC basis (Cost Per Click). Buying a CPC basis campaign is rather difficult for any start up company and who don?t have enough idea regarding this type of
advertisements. So it is recommended that, if you are new in banner advertisement campaign, you must go for CPM basis.

There are lots of banner advertisement campaign companies available on the Internet. Using
them, you can launch your advertisement based on your required demographic area,
geographical area and target audience.

Banner advertisements are very easy to measure and most of Advertisement Company offers
very well written reports including the graphs and charts, using them you can easily
measure your campaign?s result. Those reports generally includes ? number of impressions,
click through rates, sales conversion rates. A good banners advertisement report can
provide you all sort of data, which is very useful to track your expenses and help you to
improve your banner campaign.

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