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Posted by PARTIK on June 8th, 2016

Silver is a whitish gray metal, symbolizing peace. Silver articles and ornaments are not as expensive as their gold counterparts, yet they reflect a supreme lifestyle. The most famous silver used for jewelry is known as 'sterling silver'. It is made up of 92.7% silver and 7.5% of other metals, most notably, copper. At the Silver Basket, you will find Silver ornaments of various sizes and shapes of different animals, like dogs, foxes, horses, elephants, etc. However, there are two very exotic birds which stand out as some of their finest collections. The birds in question are the pheasants and the grouse.

The pheasants are found near mountains of the mainland of Southeast Asia along with southern and eastern China. Silver pheasant ornaments are worth keeping at your home. They carry the charm of the birds and have an aura of goodness around them. The best place to buy them would be The Silver Basket situated in 5 New Market Street, Buxton, Derbyshire. They offer silver pheasant ornaments in a variety of sizes ranging from a single 11.5 cm piece to a 42 cm pair of silver pheasants. These 42 cm pairs come with a cock and a hen pheasant with their tails cut. Their bases are not strictly attached but interlock, allowing them to be displayed together or separately. These look best near spots of greenery, say on a center table.


Another interesting bird to talk about here is the Grouse. They belong to the family of pheasants but are found in the colder regions of the northern hemisphere, including those near the Arctic Circle. This enigmatic creature comes in sizes of 19 cm and 23 cm respectively. They look best when used as a Christmas decoration or suppose a local country wedding or anniversary. This particular ornament is very detailed, bearing the hallmark 925 and made from English Sterling Silver. Due to their proud stature, they make for a fantastic addition to your place of choosing. Even if you’ve browsed these particular figurines on other websites, you will undoubtedly notice the careful attention to detail Silver Basket provides. These meticulously designed ornaments can also be purchased as gifts for a significant other. 

The price of the pheasants and grouses may vary from 250 pounds to 3100 pounds.

 As you can see, both pheasants and Grouse are unique birds and keeping some Silver Grouse in your home would be a pleasant treat for the eyes of someone who loves birds, say an ornithologist. At Silver Basket, these ornaments come in various sizes, from the tiniest of pieces to the grandest. Each one of them is carefully handcrafted from the finest English Sterling Silver available and hallmarked accordingly. Since Silver will never decrease in value, the importance of these gifts will remain supreme for years to come and quality, undiminished. So what are you waiting for? Join us at Silver Basket. We await your order! For any queries, you can refer to our website

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