Are Online Credit Cards Safe?

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

So you have been in and out on all the local shops there are in your neighborhood, in your town, in your city and even in your country. And now you figure, it is time to widen the coverage of your shopping spree and boost your buying power from the boundaries of Australia to the rest of the world. How on earth would you accomplish such a feat? Go and apply for a credit card. That plastic card may very well be your access certificate to the countless and multitude of vendors and suppliers around the globe who have offered their products and services through the world-wide-web for you to easily shop, purchase and avail from. Just like these vendors and suppliers, credit card companies are also opening their doors to online credit card applications. However, a lot of individuals tend to be hesitant and doubtful in filling out online application forms. A lot of questions arise on whether or not the information that one hands out online are safe which is not surprising especially with the high number of issues on internet scams and fraud. These online credit card banks and companies, nevertheless, have made ways to ensure that security of the information of their clients is not jeopardized with the advancement of technology. The methods and processes they use even boast to be safer as compared to filling out your applications in paper and sending them through the traditional post.

One of the undertakings that online credit card companies have taken in reducing and preventing data theft and infringement is the making use of SSL technology. Secure Sockets Layer of SSL is a kind of transmission protocol which works to encrypt the facts and figures which one sends via the net, in this case particularly from your personal computer at home to the receiving database of the bank or of the credit card company. In layman's terms, encryption is highly developed and very complicated mathematical process wherein the data are broken down and camouflaged during the transmission so that they may be unreadable to the people who may hack the system. Remember the secret language that you once shared with your friends during your preschool years? That secret language may be your earlier experience with encryption schemes and techniques. With the use of technology and formulas, you may well know that the encryption used in the SSL could be very intricate and complex as compared to your pre-school patterns.

Further, the encryption process of these credit card companies and banks, two encryption keys are usually required. There is a public key and a private key that is sent between the terminals from your computer to the bank's that may be used to interpret the disguised data. With the use of the two keys, it is doubly harder for outside parties with criminal intentions to access the system because they would need these two important bits of information. Like the saying goes, two heads are really greater than one and this goes the same for internet information safety.

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