Hiring Pole Barn Builders for Construction of Duplexes and Fourplexes

Posted by Gale Freeman on September 30th, 2022

A person who is interested in having a new duplex or fourplex built on rural land may want to contact pole barn builders for an estimate. Having the multi-family residence built with post-frame construction is an affordable option and increases the return on investment as compared with a stick-built structure. The property owner will need to learn whether zoning allows this type of construction for residential purposes. Rural zoning generally is more lenient than municipal regulations.

Another consideration is whether a multi-family building is allowed on this land. If the person must apply for approval, a duplex or two duplexes may be more acceptable to the board than a fourplex. Choosing a design that fits well with other homes in the larger neighborhood improves chances for approval. Fortunately, the exterior of a pole building can be crafted to look very similar to other nearby residences.

About Post-Frame Construction

The frame of a pole building is built of columns placed 8 to 10 ft. apart and driven into the ground. Interior walls are placed after the frame is constructed. This design allows for greater control over the floor plan. The plan can consist of one or two large rooms, or it can include many rooms for bedrooms and bathrooms in addition to the main living space.

Including a Garage

Prospective tenants would appreciate a Pole Barn Garage so that they don't have to park outdoors. Many multi-family residences don't have this feature, although it's common with duplexes. The chance to have two indoor parking spaces per apartment is especially welcome. Married couples, domestic partners and roommates are all likely to have at least two vehicles.

Personal Storage for the Owner

Depending on how much land is available, the owner might want to have a Pole Shed Garage built on the property for personal use. This could be a place to store equipment that is difficult to keep at home or is only used seasonally. For instance, a boat could be stored in this structure. The garage could be a place for motorcycles, snowmobiles and snow removal equipment.

Storage for Tenant Use

Pole Barn Storage can be used for many other purposes. If the building doesn't have a basement for tenant storage use, a shed could be constructed with two or four areas. Storage in multi-family buildings often consists of compartments with doors that can be secured with padlocks. A similar arrangement can be designed for this building.

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