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Posted by Rojain on October 1st, 2022

Good Web design is about the content's character, not the designer's character. Hello, beautiful people. Welcome to the SupaPass Review.

Do you believe building a website and making money from it is tedious or time-consuming? Are you having trouble creating a single website where you can administer your community, host your content, and sell subscriptions? Did you know that most companies fail to develop user-friendly landing pages for their websites and apps? They also don’t distribute material from a single dashboard across several platforms. How could it be if a tool made it easy for you to build websites, applications, and landing pages so you could sell memberships, monetize your content, and manage your community all from a single dashboard?

Just try to see your subscribers interacting with your material everywhere. Additionally, they purchase your goods and encourage others to do the same. It is doable, and I'll show you how here. But first, let me tell you a short tale about my pal Pitter. He once experienced extreme frustration when building his company website. He wasted a lot of money by hiring a professional to design his website because he had no experience with coding. His firm would be a complete failure. He was annoyed since he couldn't locate the issue and didn't know anything about the website. Then he got in touch with me. He now has a seven-figure income.

Do you want to know how he developed into a prosperous entrepreneur? Next, allow me to present you with "SupaPass Premium Website Builder" with pride. To increase revenue and save time, develop a top-notch app and website that will increase brand recognition, attract clients, and keep them coming back for more. You can manage everything from a single dashboard. With SupaPass, you can create no-code websites to manage digital content, erect paywalls, and expand a community in one location. SupaPass helps you monetize podcasts, blogs, and video content on a no-code website. I will discuss everything about this platform in this SupaPass review. Don't waste any time, then. Let's begin.

What Is SupaPass? And How Does It Work? 

With SupaPass, you can create no-code websites to manage digital content, erect paywalls, and expand a community in one location. SupaPass helps you monetize podcasts, blogs, and video content on a no-code website. Share your offline skills on your content website and mobile app to fulfill your ambition to make a living doing what you love. You may establish a direct connection with your audience thanks to SupaPass, which means you won't have to compete for their attention on social media.

SupaPass provides you as a podcaster with a lovely environment where you can share your show and instantly group episodes into categories and subjects. Additionally, you can point listeners to a single location where they can access your podcast and video material, such as seminars, training sessions, articles, and media & press info. For access to notifications, certain free content, or to purchase premium items, they can register on your SupaPass website.

SupaPass Review Pros And Cons

In this part of the SupaPass Review, I share the Pros and cons of this software. That will help you to get more information about this software. And, you can make a better decision for your business. 


  • Free version and free trial available 

  • Documentation and live online training available 

  • Excellent support and customer service

  • Paid subscriptions for end-users

  • Import your content to one place (YouTube, podcast, blog, and RSS)

  • Unlimited email notifications for new content

  • Integrates with 4,000+ services

  • Automatic social media updates

  • Marketing codes and discounts

  • It comes with a mobile app


  • Support only English 

  • SupaPass can sometimes be a little limited, but if you go with a lifetime deal, you get an unlimited feature. 

  • Some features take a lot of time to load, like Push Notifications. 

  • There was no feature to add an author box for your blog

  • No local payment gateways 

How Does SupaPass Help You To Grow Your Business?

Branding: You can develop your branding and publish it to the client using SupaPass. SupaPass enables you to expand your brand. You can establish a unique personality and connect with enthusiastic consumers through branding. Let's now examine the branding SupaPass has to offer.

Logo: You can design your logo or upload an existing one if you already have one.

Icon of a square logo: You can easily upload any square-shaped logo icon you may have.

Color: SupaPass offers you a variety of color options so you can match the color of your website or app to your brand and utilize it for things like buttons.

Theme: Change the default theme of your website or app. Still, your users have the option of switching to another theme. You can change the color scheme to black and white.

Marketing video: You can upload a marketing video that your company already has to your website or app.

Favicon: The tiny representation of your company on the browser tab. 32x32 pixels and Png are requirements. You can upload it or create it from SupaPass.

Integrations: To help you expand your business more quickly, you may combine this platform with Google Analytics, social media platforms, YouTube, YouTube Live, and Zapier.

How Do You Become Benefited Using SupaPass?

Website design: Your company's success mainly depends on how attractive and user-friendly your website is. You can completely design your website here. You can make a respectable quantity of money using a professional website.

Home page: Several tasks are available beneath the homepage.

First, there are numerous actions you can take under the heading CTA.

  • Text adding to your websites like Intros, Headings, Subtitles, and text alignment

  • Under this background image, you can add a new image, image alignment, and overlay. 

  • Front image in the front image section, you can add a new image, set image position, and image rounding. 

  • In the appearance section, you can change your theme to dark, white, and gray and shift block padding.

  • In the button section, you can change the button name and add a new button. 

Second, L/R side picture: this is where you may edit the text on the image's left and right sides, among other things. Everything matches the settings on your home page.

Thirdly, choose a Feature item from this page to set your featured post's image, text, and other features. The elements are identical to those on your home page.

In the Contact Form, you can add a heading, description, text alignment, font image, set an image position, round an image, and more.

Branding: You can do several things to build your brand, some of which I've already mentioned, but here I'd like to focus on something else: SEO. You can perform on-page SEO for your content from here. And everyone is aware of the value of SEO. It serves as the foundation of digital commerce.

SEO: You may perform a number of the tasks I outline below in the SEO environment. You can rank your page on SERP thanks to all of these factors.

  • You can add your page title.

  • Meta descriptions

  • Image 

  • ALT text

How Can You Double Your Income Using SupaPass?

Product: You can add your new development in this section. You can add products from here if your website is built for eCommerce. Simply click to add the product name, description, image and choose the product pricing. If you run a blog or a subscription-based business, you can decide who has access to the content. You have a variety of options.

  • Free without login

  • Free with login

  • Paid access

  • Secret Access

Payment stores: To be able to accept payments for your products, you can set up payment stores. Your company can add various payment options. Thanks to this functionality, you can offer a variety of payment options to your clients. Your Stripe account can be added as your international payment gateway. For this feature, there is nothing you need to do. Simply include your bank account.

You may access a detailed sales report for your company here. You receive a thorough sales analysis, including information about your customers' origins, the products they buy, and the prices they pay: the beginning and ending dates for subscriptions. You can modify any subscriptions or sales-related settings from this page. With this function's aid, you can control your company's sales and improve business decisions. 

How Does SupaPass Differ From Alternative Tools?

This platform's distinctive feature is RSS import. You may add the RSS feed URLs for your podcasts and blogs here. You can upload the podcast and blog post that you don't need to write right away from here. You may instantly preserve all of your posts by just pasting your URL. Check out more.

Podcast: Look for and add your podcast; it will automatically sync any current and upcoming episodes. You can search for podcasts here and, if you'd like, add one by entering the URL for the podcast's RSS feed.

Blog: To automatically sync any recent and upcoming blog articles, enter the URL of your blog's RSS feed. Using the blog feed URL, you may add your blog. Simply enter your blog's URL.

Users: You may do it from here if you wish to add new users so they can govern your website. You can export emails in CVS format. Additionally, you may find the information of any new users who connect with your business here.

Review of the app developer SupaPass. You can make your business app in this section. This app builder tool can rapidly construct your app for your mobile device and other platforms. Customers can use mobile apps to instantly obtain the goods, data, procedures, and services they need. Additionally, it enables the business to notify customers about new or modified goods and services. Like a website builder, you can design mobile apps for your business.

SupaPass Review Unique And Useful Features  

In this SupaPass Review part, I discuss high-ticket features that help you know the critical component of the idle website and app designing platform.

  • Drag & Drop

  • Real-Time Editing

  • Auto Update

  • Invoices

  • Online Store Builder

  • SEO

  • Online Booking

  • Newsletter Management

  • Landing Pages / Web Forms

  • Content Import / Export

  • Survey Builder

  • Pre-built Templates

  • Monetization

  • Data collection 

  • Website and App Builder

  • Content layer

  • RSS Import

  • Product and Payment store

  • And a lot more

SupaPass Review APPSumo Deal Feature  

In this SupaPass Review, I share some crucial SupaPass APPSumo deal features that help you know what the APPSumo marketplace offers. 

  • Lifetime access to SupaPass Premium Website Builder

  • All future Premium Website Plan updates

  • No codes, no stacking — just choose the plan that's right for you.

  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase.

  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 5 license tiers

  • GDPR compliant

  • Only for new SupaPass Premium Website Builder users who do not have existing accounts

  • Optional add-on: Get additional websites for 0/site (Tier 1), /site (Tiers 2–3), or /site (Tiers 4–5). Paid annually.

  • Optional add-on: Upgrade to mobile apps for 0/site (Tier 1), /site (Tiers 2–3), or /site (Tiers 4–5). Paid monthly.

What Are The Actual Reasons For Using SupaPass?

Setting: There are many things you can do with this setting feature, including basic information, user comments, customer care email, FAQs, and EULA. All of these aspects contribute to the success of your company. Let's examine each one now.

Basic information: Here, you can enter the name of your app or website, its URL, if it is active, and any new contact information with a custom domain.

Remark: You can choose it from this page if you want to comment on your post so that your consumer can do the same. Let's say you decide against closing it.

Adding FAQs to your app's settings is possible. You can add the text using SupaPass either directly or through an external URL.

EULA: To include your user terms, put the language into this box to start a new EULA page or connect to an existing EULA page you host somewhere else.

Codes: If additional HTML, CSS, or java code is required for your company, you can add it using the code feature. Sometimes you need to add HTML code to your website's head sections, just like when you need to include HTML code for Pinterest verification. This coding feature allows you to add additional code to your website.

Why is it recommended for your business?

You can alter your website's menu and footer with this functionality. Do you realize how appealing your website looks with the footer and menu bar? With the menu and footer, you can rapidly achieve the first impression you want for your website. See what it has to offer.

Groups of Footer Links Make a set of unique links for the footer of your website. The various connection groups will stack on top of one another. Reorder by dragging. Click the add right away. You can manually construct or customize your footer, then include a link in the footer group.

Footnote text You may add text to your footer right here. Include a copyright disclaimer, your company's address, and any additional text in your website footer.

Link on social media. You can do it here if you wish to include a social networking link in your footer.

Content tabs: automatically appear in a predetermined arrangement. You may customize your menu bar here. You can include a blog, reviews, prices, and other menu items.

Custom link: This is where you may add a custom link if you like to your menu.

Automated button You can modify any of your menu's intuitive controls from here if you wish to.

The Material layout: Here, precisely curate your content and group collections into categories. You can make a category for your company here. You can create new categories and upload files for your company. Simply click the "new category" button, enter a name for the category, and then choose the appropriate file. Making a category for your business is extremely easy. You can make a category for your music, video, and articles using SupaPass.

Structure: Collections, Categories, Content, and Media Files

Why Must You Need To Purchase SupaPass Now?

All of the media files—including pictures, music, videos, and documents—that you've added to posts or page listings are included in your media library. You can upload new files here and remove them as well.

Push notifications are messages you can deliver to a user's mobile device or other devices. They can show up on the top area of a mobile device or the lock screen. You can accomplish this if you want to add a push notification to your website. I cannot provide instructions on how to set up a push notification since I am not authorized to do so.

Which would you choose: a one-time payment or a monthly payment? Make a single payment rather than a monthly one. You must pay $$$ both yearly and monthly if you choose the SupaPass monthly option. Although it appears expensive, if you purchase the SupaPass APPSumo lifetime package right once, you only need to pay once, and you can use SupaPass for the rest of your life. It could be a great chance to purchase this fantastic offer. After closing this deal, you must pay 8. You do, however, have a 60-day money-back guarantee from APPSumo for any reason. With every SupaPass APPSumo plan, you also receive lifetime updates, which is excellent. You should move quickly before the deal expires.

Get Your Discount With SupaPass APPSumo Deal.

  • Visit the SupaPass Review Lifetime Deal page.

  • After redirecting the page, wait for some seconds, and you can see a discount popup will appear.

  • Enter a new or unique email address to receive this exclusive offer.

  • Continue with the same email id.

  • You get at the end.

  • This offer will be valid for new users only.

SupaPass APPSumo Deal Pricing

  • All features above included

  • One hosted website(s)

  • One admin user(s)

  • 100 audience members

  • One content feed(s)

  • The price starts at


In conclusion, SupaPass is the best option to build websites, applications, and landing pages to monetize your content, sell subscriptions, raise brand awareness, and manage your community from a single dashboard. Because this platform enables you to develop a top-notch app and website that will increase brand recognition, draw clients, and keep them coming back for more, thereby saving time and boosting sales.

If you think this SupaPass Review is helpful, join us. Here you get regular updates on the digital products. If you have any problem or need any help, contact me. I'm always ready to help you out with all your problems. My best wishes are always with you, my friend. However, I want to see you become more successful very soon—best regards from ROJAIN. 


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