Chess Boards: Measurements and Variants

Posted by Staunton Castle on October 1st, 2022

Surely you are wondering, how many squares does a chessboard have? The chess boards are divided into eight columns and eight rows that make up a total of 64 squares or squares. The recommendation is that each square should be 5 to 6.5 square centimetres, or that each side is equal to twice the diameter of the base of a pawn.

That in what corresponds to the square chessboard, which is the best known. But, there are variants of the game that claim their own variant of the board. The best known is the hexagonal chess variant, invented in 1936, whose board has 91 squares.

Another known variant is that of Raumschach or three-dimensional chess which is a famous antique chess boards. It consists of a series of small boards stacked high, resulting in 125 squares.

A version of this particular chessboard became famous for appearing on Star Trek and fan Andrew Bartmess took the trouble to write its rules, available on his website, along with board offerings and in-game examples. This entry in English, if you are interested in this type of chess but cannot read it, you can check out the Chess blog entries that study it.

Likewise, there are other versions that feature cylindrical and circular chessboards. It seems that ring chess was played as early as the 10th century in some regions of present-day Asia, but there are no rule documents.

Chess Boards: Notation

Chess has its own international language, which is known as notation. It has also varied throughout history, currently the most used and accepted notation is algebraic: on each row and column of the chessboard there are letters and numbers that allow the placement of pieces and moves.

The columns are the letters and the rows are the numbers. As we saw in the basic strategies to stop being a beginner, this will allow us to read the games, if we see 1. e4 d5, we know that the white pawn from the E column moved to the 4th row, and the black pawn stood on front, even without having a chessboard in front.

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