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Useful tips to Get Mirror & Cloud Ring & Fishing Chair Pets and 10% off wow gold

Posted by goldsafe21 on June 9th, 2016

Hello, players in WOW! Having joined in WOW for so long time, do you want to be the same as your pet? Do you want a well-trained pet to be with you? D you want to take a seat when fishing? Now, all of them are coming true! Blizzard has put up a chair and watched some pet tricks in this week’s Toy Box Tuesday. Now let Safewow give you an overall introduction about them, and tell you how to get them.

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To look like your pet with the help of Mirror toy
There is a toy named Magic Pet Mirror, which can make you look like your pet. It can transfer you into almost any battle pet that you can summon.
Do you want to acquire one? It’s very easy. You just need to simply purchase it from Giada Goldleash or Tiffy Trapspring in your Garrison for 500 Pet Charms. However, if you don’t have any Pet Charms, it would be a little difficult. You need to take it in game. Once you get rolling with the Garrison Menagerie, you'll be flush with charms quicker than an S/S Gilnaen Raven. Then you should check out Wowhead's Guide to the Menagerie for more on everything which awaits you in the corner of your home on Draenor.

To fly through the ring of clouds by Cloud Ring
There is one of the best pet tricks in Azeroth comes with the Cloud Ring, which is well-trained and could fly through the ring of clouds that it produces.
This toy costs you only 250 gold in San Redscale with the Order of the Cloud Serpent in the Jade Forest (Pandaria). And the only thing you need to do is coming to Safewow to buy gold for WOW with lowest price and to revere reputation with the Order to make the purchase.

To become Nat's best friend to get a Chair toy for fishing
Now, Nat Pagle wants you to have a really nice chair which is his personal chair. Nat's Fishing Chair is a toy which represents a dedicated commitment to fishing, just like everything else related to Nat Pagle.
If you want to acquire it, you have to become Nat's best friend at Angler's Wharf in Krasarang Wilds (Pandaria), or in your Garrison's level 2 Fishing Shack. However, if you haven’t become Nat's BFF, you should take a trip to Angler's Wharf and talk to him, then to rekindle your relationship and see where it takes you. Then once you max out reputation with him, you will be able to take a seat, which means that you've earned one.

All the three toys in Toy Box are really cute and full of fun. If you want to have them, welcome to buy wow gold from Safewow. Have fun!

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