What Can Disqualify You From Workers Compensation?

Posted by Stephen Renick on October 3rd, 2022

These days each type of work comes with a variety of risks. Whether you are working at a workplace or for the job, each worker remains at risk of a work injury. Preventing a work injury is not easy as it seems to be. From providing the right training to the employees to arranging t the best working environment and machines, etc. employers have to pay attention to a variety of things. Careful attention before and after the selection of the employees helps them reduce the level o workplace injury that usually remains high at each job.

Employees that got injured while working have the right to claim worker's compensation for their loss. This loss can be in the form of loss of wages, medical benefits, etc. But what counts most is to file the worker's compensation claim at the right time and complete the requirements so you do not have to face any kind of rejection or disqualification. To prevent the risk of rejection many injured workers prefer hiring an experienced Workers' Compensation Attorney in Florida City for support. Hiring a professional attorney reduces the risk of mistakes that can disqualify you from workers' compensation. Some common things that can disqualify you from workers' compensation are listed below.

Intentional injury:-

With the purpose to get compensation, many workers make the mistake of getting injured intentionally. They do so with the misconception that this will get them to earn a good amount and get some days of rest from the job. On the other side when the employer or insurance company proves to the court that your injury is fake or a result of intentional self-inflicted, it increases the chances of disqualification.

Disregarded safety rules and equipment:

To get the desired compensation injured workers to have to make sure that they are following all ht rules and regulations properly. Any mistake with them increases your chances of disqualification. When you disregard the safety rules and equipment, it gives the insurance company the opportunity to prove that the injury or accident is all due to your fault or mistake and thus you are not eligible for compensation. However, keeping the proofs and showing the evidence to the court as per the requirement not just make your workers' compensation case strong but also help you get the desired compensation.

Filing the claim late:-

Many times injured workers take high time to file for their compensation. When you file your claim late, it becomes tough for you to show your injury or marks, etc. as proof. This mistake turns out to be beneficial to the opposite party. But experienced worker's compensation attorneys in Florida City make sure that you will file the claim at the right time. Professional workers' compensation attorneys properly go through your case and show you the right path. Their support helps to make your compensation process much easier. These experts not just guide you to the best but also reduces your chances of getting disqualified. 

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