What to Gift a New Dad?

Posted by New Mama Kit Gift Hampers on October 3rd, 2022

While it's wise to ask a person what they want as a present, asking a new parent this question is not a good idea. Chances are they would ask for a gift for their baby and not themselves.

As new parents, it is easy to get caught up in your new schedule; long days, sleepless nights; this is the new normal. Everything revolves around the little munchkin (rightfully so), but we feel the parents need some relaxation and pampering. Not that they complain, but dads get neglected in the baby fest, even more so than Mums. If there is a birthday coming up or you just feel like celebrating this new chapter of his life, here are what we think are the Best Gifts For New Dads.

Best Gifts for New Dads

Physical Support

Taking care of a baby is truly demanding. Often, all other tasks get neglected and work piles up. If you can, help the new parent/s with some chores around the house. Do the laundry, mow their lawns, or maybe volunteer to babysit the baby while he has a night off; give them a well-deserved break. Sometimes, the best present is simply to be there. It is one of the best gifts for new dads.

A Snack Basket

Even though the new parents need the energy to keep afloat, their diets do not always do them justice. Either they don't have time to cook or are too tired to lift a finger. A snack basket with healthy food items is an ideal gift for such a burnt-out parent.

Gift Card for Eateries

At times, the only food at home is the baby's solution. With no food and no energy, food delivery is going to be a lifesaver for many, many days to come. Get the new dad's coupons or gift cards from local restaurants or food delivery apps. Trust us; they will thank you for saving them from starvation.

 Noise-Cancelling Earphones

Tech-savvy or not, no one minds having a cool gadget. Get the new dads a good pair of noise-cancelling earphones they can use for a walk or take some uninterrupted time off. And a cool gadget that is functional as well as stylish? Score!

Kindle Unlimited

Is the New Dad a reader? Get the Kindle unlimited and see their faces light up with joy. Dads might have a reputation for being inexpressive, but we know they will be saying I love you in their hearts.

Diaper Bag

Why are all diaper bags pastel? What if it doesn't go with the dad's outfit? Oh please, men are allowed to be vain too. Now diaper bags come in all kinds of designs. Gift them a dapper diaper bag to carry all the baby supplies and carry it in style.

Espresso Machine

Being a parent to a newborn is no picnic and splurging is allowed. You have to stay awake all night and there is no nap time in the afternoons either. What comes and saves the day, then? A steaming cup of coffee! You can dutch with a couple of friends or family members to get the new dads a much-needed espresso machine. Expensive, yes, but so worth it.

Gourmet Coffee Sampler

So what if you can't run down to grab your favourite latte from the coffee shop down the street anymore? You can make your perfect cup of coffee at home. A coffee sampler is perfect and one of the best gifts for new dads who can't function without a cup of coffee.

Acupuncture Slippers

Relaxing while you walk is great isn't it? You are running around on your feet most of the day. What if you had a way to relax while you toiled away? A pair of acupuncture slippers might just be the perfect gift. They are beneficial in relieving pain and relaxing your muscles.

Electronic Back Massager

An electric massager is one of the best gifts for new dads. It is like having a personal masseuse at your beck and call. When the lack of sleep catches up, help them relax and rejuvenate for another long night with this massager.

Personalized Mug Set

We don't know when cliche got a reputation for being bad. There is a reason why everyone is doing the same, right? Getting a personalised mug might be hyped up, but it is one of the best gifts for new dads. They would like a memento to celebrate and remember this adventure of a time. Gift the dads a mug or bring a set for both parents. Get them a cup with a message you have for them- 'Congratulations,' 'you are a Daddy now,' 'super dad,' or a picture collage. Get creative!

New Mama Kit Gift hampers for New Dads

Do not be fooled by the name. New Mama Kit also has some amazing gift hampers for the new daddies. Their hampers are practical and super cute. All the products in the basket are locally sourced from ethical and sustainable brands. The New Dad Kit is truly one of the best gifts for new dads. The hamper has got everything from cappuccino to help him burn the midnight oil to a bottle of sparkling to unwind and relax.

A Chocolate Bar

Now chocolate may not seem like the ideal gift for dads, but, really, think about it. Who doesn't get a sweet tooth? Have it as a snack for those midnight cravings or a quick bite before (or after) a meal.

Also, this chocolate bar is sourced from an ethical brand that does not employ children to harvest cocoa beans.

Protein Bar

There will be days (most of them) when the baby needs all your attention and more. Either you can have a meal or attend to your baby and we know enough new parents to know what they would choose. This energy bar will get you through those long days and sleepless nights.


Self-care is pretty low on the to-do list after you have a baby. If you haven't had the time to brush your teeth or have been lazy, this gum is going to be your savior. What’s good is that it has no nasty ingredient in it. Just pop one in your mouth and wave your morning breath goodbye.What's Ingredients

Sparkling Piccolo

When you want to relax and unwind, there is nothing better than a glass (or bottle) of sparkle. Whether you get a few moments of quiet to yourself or you are just feeling celebratory, pop open this bottle and enjoy the time.

Trail Mix

Did you know you can actually survive on trail mix? No doubt it is a part of a new dad gift hamper.


But first coffee! You can never go wrong with coffee. It is basically half our diet. The New dad kit has some coffee samplers that you would definitely reach out for on those early mornings and late nights.

Foot Rub Cream

When you are functioning at your full bandwidth, you also need some time to cool off. Do a DIY massage with this amazing foot cream for yourself or your partner while you spend some quality time with your munchkin.

Now that you got a huge list of the Best Gifts For New Dads give him a gift he will truly appreciate. After all, newborn dads deserve love and pampering too!

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