Traditional Healing Methods for Perfect Wellness

Posted by Sarah Alex on June 9th, 2016

The ability to control your health naturally without having to add chemicals in to your body is something that everyone is looking for. Knowing how to use techniques is more than science, it is an art form. You have to know how the body works so that you can implement techniques that will complement each other smoothly and effectively.


Acupuncture is an ancient method that has been passed down through family lines for centuries. Acupuncture training is meant to train you to be able to manipulate key points in the body that are believed to help the body to heal itself. These key points are called chakras. Acupuncture certification are unique to each state;however, the basic manipulation techniques are basically the same.  Essentially, it is the art of using tiny hair like needles in these chakras so that the body will release chemical stimulation that will jump start the body’s ability to heal itself. Once you get all your body’s key organs running at top performance, you will feel wonderful.

Acupuncture certification itself is not easy. The training means knowing a great deal of the human anatomy. It is not much different than a nurse’s training, except that it is very in-depth. The training often takes ten years and requires a wide range of medical knowledge. Those who do complete the training and receive the certification are rewarded with a career that few people have an in-depth knowledge of in a field that has been around for thousands of years.


Doulas are another field that encompasses a whole body approach to medicine. A doula’s training often is less about medical knowledge and is more about knowledge based on human experience. They take in knowledge of what is typical of any pregnancy and try to find ways to treat it so that the pregnant woman is not introducing potential problems to the baby.

A doula’s certification often includes the reasoning that not all of pregnancy is pleasant. They are trained to be a trusted resource for the pregnant woman to turn to in times of concern so that they can put their mind at rest. Stress is often reduced which makes the pregnancy easier and labor pains for effective.

A doula can mash the new medical practices that are routine with the traditional sciences, like acupuncture and holistic nutrition, so that the pregnant woman can alleviate common symptoms of pregnancy. As with all medicine fields, knowledge is power. A doula is ultimately a mother’s direct line to knowledge.

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