How to Overcome Invoicing Problems: Project Invoicing Software that Works

Posted by Talygen on October 3rd, 2022

These days, business invoices are easy to generate and manage. Gone are the days when customers don’t bother about any proof of their purchases. Today’s customer is savvy and knows the importance of taking invoices for the goods and services they avail. Due to the lack of automated tools, businesses face several problems that need to be taken care of at the right time with the right solution.

In this article, we will discuss the major invoicing issues and the effective solutions to be followed for making business invoice management a success. Take a look:

  • Cloud-Based Invoice Management:  No centralized location for invoice storage makes storing and tracking customer invoice data difficult. For convenient access to data, it is necessary to have cloud-based invoicing software that offers intelligent, secure, and ample storage capacity. It reduces the heavy paperwork burden and provides reliable storage.
  • Lost Invoices: In manual invoice management, there is a higher chance of missing and lost invoices. Without any automation system, it is not easy to keep records and track whether the invoice has been sent to the proper receipt. No confirmation for the client side also increases the tensions. But, with automated invoices, the case is far different. The software leaves no confusion and helps send the invoices to the correct receipt.
  • Late or No Payments: Businesses don’t get paid on time because of the flawed invoicing system and no tracking. The project invoicing software takes the unnecessary steps out of the payment processes and integrates safe payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.  
  • Issues in Recurring Invoices:  Inaccuracies in invoices not only affect the business growth but also negatively impact the customers. Well, the recurring mistakes can be controlled with featured invoicing tools. You can manage the invoice complexities, insufficient operational rigor, unscalable billing infrastructure, and more with online software.
  • Lack of Invoice Clarity:  The improper format and no meaningful language in invoices often lead to confusion, leading to no or delayed payments. This can be prevented with online business invoicing software that provides customized business templates to create unique invoices.


 There is no denying that error-laden invoices lead to blunders in small to large businesses. The financial departments often encounter multiple problems, from creating to sharing invoices, but that needs to be controlled on time. We need the proper format, templates, customer information, centralization, and more to generate an invoice. The appropriate invoice management helps improves the efficacy of the process without hassles.

Talygen’s project billing software simplifies organizing and sending invoices online. Talygen automatically creates, sends, and tracks invoices, plus double-checks the errors before sending. It is a user-friendly online invoicing software that features third-party integrations, quick access to invoice history, draft modes for invoices incorporated, and more. The software offers an excellent platform for all businesses with multi-currency billing and multi-language invoicing.

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