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Posted by drivebuddyAI on October 4th, 2022

drivebuddyAI is an intelligent driver and fleet safety platform, ADAS and fleet management system that aids drivers in avoiding collisions, aids fleet owners in assessing driver behaviour and provides insightful information that helps improve fleet safety.

ADAS operate using a diverse variety of vehicle tracking device technologies - cameras to radars and lidar systems - which can function both independently and in cooperation with other detection systems that contribute to the improvement in driving behaviour by helping notify about possible hazards on the road. This is achieved by either alerting the driver with a collision warning system or by actively taking over an element of vehicle control such as the brakes or steering wheel if the driver hasn’t reacted immediately. ADAS technologies have a crucial role to play in reducing the number of on-road vehicle accidents. As the technology has progressed, so has the safety of fleet vehicles with ADAS installed.

drivebuddyAI is one of the pioneering ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) in India with the highest number of kilometres driven in the nation. With such a huge number of experience kilometres, drivebuddyAI’s system has been calibrated, augmented and programmed extensively to ensure optimum levels of safety and reliability.

drivebuddyAI products make use of intelligent driver & fleet safety platforms for the automotive, fleet, logistics and insurance sectors globally. drivebuddyAI’s facial recognition technology can be utilised to confirm that your fleet vehicles are being driven by the designated fleet drivers and that they are recording their activities honestly.

Why driver face recognition is necessary

Face recognition technology is making its way into the latest generation of vehicles in an endeavour to increase safety and convenience. From vehicle ignition to the prevention of theft - there are innumerable applications of facial recognition technology in vehicles.

The important applications of facial recognition systems in vehicles are:

  • ELD – Electronic Logging of drivers
  • Identifying driver at run time
  • Prevention of Accident in case of criticality
  • Driver-wise monitoring
  • Driver Analysis & Behaviour Analytics
  • Driver coaching on specific events
  • Post-coaching behaviour improvements

Managing a fleet of drivers can be strenuous and stressful work - you need to be aware of your drivers’ location at all times, know how long they’ve been driving and ensure that they’re safe on the roads.

This is where facial recognition showcases its strengths - not only do you have the ability to monitor where the driver’s attention is, but you can also make use of driver fatigue detection features to ensure vehicle safety. This driver drowsiness detectionsystem can be utilized to make sure that a particular driver is awake, active and paying attention to the road. It also helps to identify and ratify who is driving just by the driver entering the vehicle - dispensing the need for check sheets or paperwork!

When a facial recognition system is deeply embedded with other vehicle safety systems, it can lead to even better accident prevention features.

How does drivebuddyAI do facial recognition?

  • The device captures the video from both the sides and syncs it continuously to the cloud
  • drivebuddyAI has a mobile application called “OLI – Online Local Installer”, which is used at the time of commissioning of the product at customer’s vehicle and at the same time, the app takes the driver's face video sample for further recognition purposes
  • The video is then inferred by AI on the cloud to recognize the face with already registered samples at the time of first time installation
  • And then it is mapped on a trip basis for further analysis

The dual cameras register every millisecond level situation in driving and come with night vision features and augmented image capture capabilities which can operate in almost all lighting conditions. The device comes with an inbuilt GPU & CPU for the processing of the video feeds coming from the dual cameras. The processing happens on the cloud & device both and has been proven to be more than 95% accurate. The platform can support any number of drivers in the system.

Autonomy can be considered to be the future of mobility, telematics the present, and ADAS as the step towards the future.


Benefits of drivebuddyAI’s platform

Safety at all Times

drivebuddyAI helps in identifying and addressing risky driving behaviour and helps prevent on-road incidents. The savings from increased Fleet Safety will reduce losses and increase your margins.

Productivity Increase 

drivebuddyAI makes it easier to understand driving patterns and driver behaviour which helps fleet managers identify both mistakes and good driving and coach drivers for better performance, thereby enhancing fleet safety and productivity.

Driver Discipline and Skill Enhancement

drivebuddyAI’s Contextual Behaviour Alerts provide in-cabin, contextual real-time alerts - cautioning drivers prior to possible accidents - thereby helping maintain driver discipline to ensure the safety of their passengers, crews and assets.

drivebuddyAI helps in identifying the safest & riskiest drivers at a fleet company which allows fleet managers and owners to make important decisions on operational efficiency to improve business!

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