Data science, artificial intelligence, and a new India: a discussion

Posted by Vidhi Yadav on October 4th, 2022

The markets in India have always been diverse. And there is no shortage of innovation. Even after the devastation caused by COVID-19, the Indian economy recovered at an impressive speed. And new ventures started to sprout all across the map as soon as the lockdowns were lifted. The age-old infrastructure of the country is naturally struggling with keeping up with this remarkable growth. And in many cases, unable to cater to the commercial and mercantile needs of these new ventures. 

Being a republic, essential services like education, healthcare, and even transportation in India are largely government-funded. And it has been like that since independence. An upgrade is now essential as the existing infrastructure falls short in terms of serving the dynamic and growing markets. Leaning towards Data science and AI is perhaps the only way these ordeals can be alleviated. Data grants the power of making fruitful and efficient decisions, and automation eradicates the inconveniences resulting from human errors. Together, they can give India the much-needed upgrade proposition. Naturally brilliant minds are flocking to these disciplines and the popularity of data science and artificial intelligence courses is on the rise. 

The needs of new India 

The post-pandemic world is still recovering from the blows of recent ordeals. And India is a leader in terms of this recovery. How India turned around and resumed its march of progress is rather exemplary. And many countries around the world are trying to follow a similar paradigm. Human errors in day-to-day processes are a huge obstacle in India. And despite ethical and humanitarian concerns, the same is alleviated by automation.

Ventures of all stature and genre are utilizing data for charting a safer route toward a more sustainable future. And this progress can be obstructed by the stressed infrastructure India possesses. The data-driven commercial progress must be supported by an automation-dependent infrastructure. And India is vying to achieve this incredible feat in the coming years. 

Why take up data science and artificial courses in India?

To deliver a fulfilling tenure with data science and artificial intelligence, efficient infrastructure with uninterrupted amenities is essential. And the same cannot be expected all across the country. Thus, good institutes in India tend to localize around major industrial urban centers. Places where education can thrive through the intimacy of industry. 

Naturally, the best data science and artificial intelligence courses in India are completely industry aligned. And the teachers at the helm of delivering the knowledge, are leaders in their fields. Thus, students taking up studies in these institutes are taught by practitioner teachers. And are adequately aware of the trends in contemporary industry. Also, the presence of these teachers in the institute makes sure that the students are placed according to their strengths and interests. So that their career in data and automation remains as thrilling as the first day in college. 

Furthermore, the expenses of taking up tech education in India are arguably the lowest in the world. And the institutes provide world-class education at reasonable prices. Also, a student relocating to an Indian city can hope to lead a frugal life, with all necessities available to them at a very reasonable price. 

The opportunities in India

This section will discuss the areas and sectors, where AI and data science are achieving miracles. And try to understand the opportunities for the adept. 

  • In healthcare 

Healthcare in India is affordable, and the pressure on clinics and institutes is extreme. And there is no shortage of examples, where human errors can be identified as the cause behind collateral damage. Automation is drastically changing the scene. Today, metabolic and pathological diagnoses have become almost an automated process. Thanks to cutting-edge image processing and analytics techniques. In addition to that, massive amounts of medico historical data are being used for the development of personalized medicine. And these gargantuan quantities of data are being made into sense by adept automation tools trained for analytics. 

Also, remote wearable devices are being used for helping patients living with the risk of rapid onset diseases. These devices can record the vitals and relay the information to a responsible AI. And these can issue an alarm or notification that can be used for warning the patients of an upcoming ordeal. 

  • In transport 

Public transport in India is largely a government-funded sector in India. The Indian railways are the largest employers in the world. And the country is held together through these means of transport. Automation in this sector can reduce the need for human and financial resources. And the processes are poised to become more efficient, full of promises of perfection. 

Self-driving cars are revolutionizing private transportation. In India, these vehicles are still not mainstream but in the recent future, they will hit the Indian markets and take the same by storm.  

Thus, a field ready to employ professionals has gone through data science and artificial intelligence courses. And employment in this sector can be secured with relevant training and periodic upgrades of skillset. 

  • In marketing 

Marketing in 2022 is impossible without data analytics and artificial intelligence. Huge amounts of all kinds of data, including purchases, investments, and temporal preferences are analyzed for pinpointing the most potential customers. This huge amount of data needs automation support for analysis. 

Furthermore, after these customers are spotted, they are engaged by automated engagement tools. Like suggestion bots and temporally optimized targeted ads. And after a product is purchased, AI-based customer support bots are deployed for mundane troubleshoots. 

The result of these implementations is more efficient and precise marketing. And the involvement of fewer human resources for mundane troubleshoots. Thus, professionals with relevant training and hands-on experience in marketing can opt for data science and artificial intelligence courses. And secure a fulfilling career in marketing. 


Given the precariousness of times, all kinds of commercial and public entities will gradually lean towards data. And automation will only add to this finesse. A career in AI or data science in India is thus more secure than even government jobs and is more rewarding in any given aspect. And taking up data science and artificial intelligence courses in India is a hassle-free and inexpensive undertaking. Full of promises of hands-on and relevant skill development. Thus, the time is ripe and just perfect for the ones looking forward to securing a career in automation or data analytics in India.

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