Gary B. Flom’s Efforts to Convert ICE Commercial Fleets to Sustainable Platforms

Posted by Alex david on October 4th, 2022

Gary B. Flom is not an unfamiliar name in the automotive industry. He has been in leading roles at some of the biggest companies in the world like Ford Motors. From being a U.S. Marine to becoming a renowned philanthropist, Gary’s journey has been truly remarkable. He started off without any support and guidance in the automotive industry and found success completely on his own.

What makes Gary Flom stand out? The answer to this lies in his deep commitment to helping businesses run sustainable fleets. Being a visionary, Gary knows the future needs of the automobile industry and has helped the companies anticipate them. In this blog, we will look into the efforts of Gary B Flom in converting ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) commercial fleets to zero-emission platforms.

How did Gary B. Flom help ICE fleets’ conversion to zero-emission platforms?

Green technology is currently the motto of the industrial world, and Gary Flom is well aware of this fact. He understands that for commercial fleets to become sustainable, they have to turn to electric vehicles. During his career, Gary has contributed remarkably to enabling companies to replace ICE fleets with zero-emission, and the following are some of the ways how he did that.

Intelligent Management:

Gary Flom used his excellent management and negotiating skills to introduce Electric and Hybrid Vehicles into governmental fleets. While serving as President and CEO of Ford Motor’s Mobility and & Innovation Center, he was the first experimental Electric Vehicle Distributor in the U.S. It helped him test the early adaptation with governmental fleets, which later on transformed the mobility landscape of the U.S. Gary negotiated complex regulatory requirements to utilize EV and FCEV vehicles in government projects. 

Due to Gary’s expertise in EV and FCEV, he has been asked to lead NTSC, a Saudi-based automotive company. He showed intent to work for the KSA’s 2030 vision of diversifying its economy and has been contributing by converting conventional fleets to sustainable ones.

Specialized Financing:

Investment is one of the biggest requirements in the conversion of the ICE fleet to zero-emission. Gary B Flom during his entire career made way for specialized funding for commercial EV and FCEV. With his expertise in negotiation, he has convinced the government and private companies to designate a fixed portion of finances on the sustainability of fleets. During his stay at Ford Motors, Gary enabled special financing for EVs by boosting the overall profits.

At NTSC, Gary Flom has the freedom and finances to incorporate his vision of sustainable commercial fleets. As head of the firm, he helps clients adopt measures that can help them complete faster conversion from ICE to EV.

Advocating Zero-emission fleets:

From the beginning, Gary B Flom has been a big advocate of zero-emission fleets. Due to his far-sightedness, he was able to predict the importance of sustainable fleets in the future. During his stay at Ford Motors, he attended many workshops and conferences where he endorsed the conversion of conventional fleets to zero-emission.

Currently, as head of NTSC, Gary Flom expresses his will to promote zero-emission fleets in the following words:

‘’Mobility is at the crossroads of an exciting, revolutionary phase. There is a new, modern approach and higher focus on the total cost of ownership, adaptation of advanced fleet management technology as well as emergence of sustainability-minded alternatives, all of which signals exciting possibilities for the future of logistics and will drive its light-speed growth in keeping with the Vision 2030 objectives.’’

Gary B. Flom has contributed significantly throughout his career in helping commercial fleets turn zero-emission. His efforts are recognized world over due to which he is still enabling companies around the globe to develop sustainable fleets.

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