Engine Light Comes On And Off You Should Never Make

Posted by larabruce on October 4th, 2022

This sounds like you are having intermittent electrical problems. You should take your car into a shop and have them check out the wiring harnesses and fuses. They may also want to test the battery to see any corrosion on the terminals.

I would suggest you get it checked by someone who knows what they're doing because it could be dangerous if there is an issue with the ignition switch. If you don't know how to do this yourself, I'd recommend taking it somewhere where you can get some help.

If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, then call around for a local mechanic or auto repair shop.

How Does The Engine Light Work?

The engine light comes on when the computer detects a vehicle's electrical system problem. It will flash red when the computer thinks something is wrong with one of the following:

Ignition Switch



Fuse Box

Wiring Harness

Electrical System

If you think the engine light might be coming on due to a faulty fuse box, you'll need to replace all the fuses in the fuse box.

What Causes A Car To Have An Engine Light?

There are many reasons a car's engine light could come on. Some of these include:

A bad connection between the positive (+) terminal and the ground (-) terminal on the battery.

An open circuit in the wiring harness.

A shorted wire in the wiring harness. (This is usually caused by water getting inside the wires.)

A loose connector at the end of the wiring harness.

A damaged or defective relay.

A blown a fuse.

A bad alternator.

A bad starter motor.

A bad ignition module.

A bad fuel pump.

A bad air filter.

A bad throttle body.

A bad EGR valve.

What to look for in a replacement alternator

You want to make sure that you buy a good quality alternator. Look for ones that have high amperage ratings. Amperage is how much current the alternator can supply. High amperage ratings mean the alternator can provide more current than a low amperage rating. If you want to know how to get further information about it, then click on the link for more details.

You also want to ensure that the alternator is made by a reputable company like Delco or Bosch. These companies have been making alternators for years and their products are known for being reliable. 

What is Alternator?

An alternator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. An alternator consists of three main parts:

• Winding – coils of insulated copper wires wrapped around a core.

• Core – a cylindrical piece of magnetic material.

• Shaft – a rotating shaft connected to the core.

Alternators are used to convert mechanical energy into electricity. Most vehicles use a belt-driven alternator to produce electricity. The belt drives a pulley which turns the alternator's shaft. The alternator produces alternating current (AC) sent through the wiring harness to the various components in the vehicle. Alternators are often referred to as generators. Generators are machines that create an electric current. There are two types of alternators: single phase and three phases. Single-phase alternators only generate AC voltage. Three-phase alternators generate both AC and DC voltage.

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