How to Upload Photos and Videos to Google Drive

Posted by Sofia William on October 4th, 2022

To find their destination via Gmail, send their messages on an urgent basis via google drive. To save their essential documents, via chrome, search their desired information for making notes.

Research purpose and so many other forms of services that google provides for the facility of their users. And because of all these reasons, we can say google is the most valuable and dominant suite in the techniques market. 

Besides those numerous services, we are here to highlight one of their brilliant innovations in this technology field: google drive. Google Drive is the safest application used by consumers for saving their important documents like photos, videos, and other files, and these files can also b found in the other required app of their phone. It really helps people store a large amount of data in a safe place, and they can quickly recover it. It does have its script language for communication, and the prominent feature of this app is that it manually uploads large files.

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Google drives among the best cloud base space to keep our files, photos, and videos in it, and similarly, when we upload these files, we can edit them if required. We can freely share it to different accounts, and it is a well-functioning app; however, its upload speed depends on the files, and larger files need some extra time for upload. 

We have Google Drive on our android phones, personal computers, iPods, tablets, etc., where we can use its storage in various ways. Here, we will learn how to upload our data to drive through different devices in its proper form.

Upload through iPhone

We can store our data, such as pictures or videos, etc., from iPhone to google drive. As google drive is available in the form of an application on iPhones as well, instead of transferring it to another device, we can directly perform this function very quickly within a few minutes. It is straightforward to upload a phone or a document to the drive within seconds, but videos are more effective than photos, so it takes a little longer to get uploaded to the drive. 

We have some steps to follow to upload our data to iPhone. These are as the following.

  • First, we will need to open our google drive app on our iPhone.
  • Then we will be needed to make our own account via signing in to Google Drive. So that we can save our data in that account.
  • Open the folder where the file you are intended to keep is safe.
  • Then u will see a +icon on the right corner at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then click the select key to upload the photo of our file to the popup window.
  • Choose the photo and video sections. 
  • Select the videos, photos, or files that you want to upload to drive.
  • Tap on the upload button in the right corner.
  • After clicking OK, google drive will carry the process on its way and will make u a little for uploading. Mainly google drive saves the file instantly, but it also depends on the size of the data u want to share.

We can do this process directly from gallery to google drive as mentioned in the steps below:

  • First, we will have to open our gallery 
  • Then the file which we want to share should be selected.
  • Then, after a press, we will get the file share option.
  • Where we are supposed to click on google drive.
  • In google drive, we will go to my drive.
  • After that, we will need to choose the folder where we want to save it. 
  • Then press the save button. 
  • Then press upload.

How to Upload Videos and Files to Google Drive Through MacOS Or Windows?

We can upload videos and files to Google drive via Mac or window and find the facility and services of google drive on our PC as well, which literally help us to save our documents there. Uploading videos and files to Google drives on Mac or Windows follows similar steps with a bit of change. Here we have those steps which we can use for storing our data on our PC:

1. First, we will need to open our drive in the browser.

2. Click on my drive on the left side of the screen and go to the folder where we wish to upload our video file.

3. Then, the file upload menu will be in Google Drive for PC.

4. Will click the new button at the top left corner of the screen and then will click on file upload. 

5. This will open the file explorer of Windows or macOS. 

6. After that, in the end, you will click on file or video and then click on open.

 And this whole uploading process of new files to drives entirely depends on the range of the videos or files uploaded. Similarly, the connection of internet service also affects the upload process. However, as the files upload to the drive finish, we will get a notification of process completion on our screen, and then we can see and open those files easily in our drive. 

How to Add Data to Google Drive from Android Phone? 

We can say that nowadays, it is a time of android phones, and not everyone has a PC or iPhone, etc. Instead, they have android phones for their communication and also for their academic purposes, therefore. We also have the/facility of Google drive on our phones, enabling us to carry out all our work in a very sensible and easy way. Like iPhone and PC, we can also easily upload our data to Google drive with the help of a few steps, which are the following:

1. First, we will have to open our drive-in mobile phone.


If there is no account on Google drive previously so we will first need to sign in an account in it 

 3. We will select the folder where we will place the data.

4. Click on the plus icon + at the bottom right of the screen. then will, click the upload Button in the menu that pops up from the bottom.

5. Then find the recent files to search your desired files u want to upload to the driver app.

6. Select the video, photos, or files u want to save in the drive. After you have done selecting the files, click the upload button. It will take time according to its size, and interconnection may also affect the process; however, once you are done with up load, click the open to see your file in the drive.

We can also do this process in another way that is:

  • Click on the three dots on the side of the video title.
  • Click on the move shown in the list.
  • There you can find different apps and folders to share your video. To find Google drive, click the paste button to move the video.

How to Add the File to The Drive Without Losing the Quality?

As we can add many files to Google Drive, it needs ample space. Therefore, to maintain a large space for the invasion of more data, Google often compresses the data we have stored in it, which affects the quality of the video or photo. We mostly face the loading issue while watching that video or looking for that data in the drive. So here we have some steps which can help us to upload data without its quality being affected. These are the following:

1. Find the desired video or data u want to upload to your mobile phone.

2. Click on the targeted file.

3. Now, before uploading the data, first, we will need to compress its size from its standard to the smaller one, so it will not occupy too much space there, and the drive will not need to compress it further will affect its quality.

4. Click on the send to option and send it to the compressed or zipped folder.

5. For users on the macOS, right-click on the video file and click on the compressed file name. After that, we can upload the file to google drive.

Now when you download the video and play it, its quality will b as it is. Therefore, the best way to ensure video quality is by compressing them into a zip file.

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