Chaelder gives out mid to high level Slayer tasks

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How do you get to Slayer master Vannaka?

Master of Slayers Vannaka can be found in the Edgeville Dungeon. The fastest method to find Vannaka is to enter the Edgeville underground dungeon by the eastern entry point and Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold.


You require a minimum battle score of forty.


Chaelder is the third most advanced Slayer master and fourth Slayer master you'll have to go to. Chaelder gives out mid to high level Slayer tasks.

How to get to Slayer Chaeldar? Chaeldar?

Master of Slayers Chaeldar is located in the throne room of Zanaris situated just south of the Lumbridge swamp.


You must finish this Lost City quest in order to get to Slayer master Chaeldar.


Nieve is the second-highest level Slayer master (behind Duradel) and also the fifth Slayer master you'll ever go to.

How can I become Slayer master Nieve?

Master Slayer Nieve is found In The Tree Gnome Stronghold, just close to the Stronghold Slayer Cave close to the magical trees and southern bank.


It is necessary to have a combat level of 85 to receive Slayer jobs from Nieve.


Duradel is the top level Slayer master of Runescape. When you achieve level 99 Slayer You can purchase Duradel's Slayer cape from Duradel. Duradel is the sixth Slayer master you'll visit.

How do you get to Slayer Master Duradel?

Slayer master Duradel is found in Shilo Village.


It is necessary to have a minimum combat degree of. level 50 Slayer and completion this Shilo Village quest in order to gain access to Duradel inside Shilo Village.


Krystillia is the sole Slayer master that can assign you monsters found in the wilderness. Only wildfire kills will count as a mission from Krystillia. She will assign you any monster at any level, no matter what your current level of combat. If you receive an order from Krystillia this assignment will come with a distinct timer for completion of tasks in addition to regular tasks. The tasks for wilderness are separate from standard tasks but you cannot complete one task for the wilderness and another regular task at the same when you are working on a standard task.

How can you get to Slayer Master Krystillia?

Master of Slayer Krystillia can be found in Edgeville's prison, just north-east of the Bank.


There is no requirement for receiving an assignment from Krystillia, you just need to have an Slayer work completed.


If you're given a task for monsters in a quest area You must complete the quest. It is not enough to simply begin the quest and quit once you've unlocked the monster. If you don't fulfilling the quest, any kills don't count toward your Slayer assignment.

The list of required quests for Slayer monsters

Insanity from the Deep Horror from the Deep Dagannoths

Lunar Diplomacy - Suqahs

Priest in Peril Morytania's monsters as well as the Slayer Tower

Barbarian Training - Mithril dragons and Waterfiends

Cabin Fever Cave horrors

Ernest the Chicken"Killerwatts"

The Mourning's End Part II - Dark beasts

Rum Deal - Fever Spiders

Death to the Dorgeshuun Molanisks - Molanisks

Olaf's Quest Olaf's Quest Brine rats

Desert Treasure - Dust devils

Monkey Madness II - Demonic gorillas (an alternative to black demons)

Bone Voyage - Fossil Island Wyverns

Dragon Slayer II - Adamant and Rune dragons

Death Plateau - Spiritual creatures


There are options to block tasks in order to cut down on time. You can also eliminate tasks you do not like making training with your Slayer fun. You can also extend tasks and make them easier to complete.

Blocking tasks

You can block certain tasks to prevent receiving these tasks from an Slayer master. To stop a task, you need to be able to accumulate a minimum of quest points or 100 Slayer points and RS3 FSW Gold be assigned to the task. There are a total of five slots. Therefore, you need to have 250 quest points to block five tasks. If you've completed all of the Lumbridge and Draynor Diary, you'll be awarded a second slot.

There's no list of things you must stop, since it's a personal choice. Block the ones you don't like or you feel it's not accessible and won't give you enough knowledge in comparison to other tasks, again, it's all personal choice and there's no "best tasks to avoid" It's your choice.

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