Six Benefits of MRICS That You Might Not be Aware of

Posted by Janet Gee on October 5th, 2022

Becoming MRICS

            To become MRICS means to receive chartered membership by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Being able to list yourself as a chartered member supplies proof of competence and understanding in the construction industry. This, in turn, brings many benefits with it. To become a chartered member is no easy task, and there is a strict application process involved. Thankfully, there are many companies that offer support and guidance for anyone looking to apply for this prestigious title.

Benefits of MRCIS

            MRICS is a respected title that will instantly act as confirmation of ability. The membership application process will be a test of skill and understanding. This can be off-putting, but it is important to weigh the benefits against the effort of application.

Increased Opportunities

            One of the most notable benefits of becoming MRICS is the opportunities it can give you. Firstly, you can expect your status within the industry to be regarded with more respect. Any qualified individual will notice of you have been granted chartered membership and will understand the work you have put in to achieving this qualification. Moreover, you will find you have a market advantage. The construction industry can be very competitive. Having a qualification that shows your skills can set you ahead of the competition. Furthermore, the opportunity to meet likeminded individuals means your work network will increase drastically. This alone will open doors that may have previously been closed.

Enhanced capabilities

            Through chartered membership your understanding of the industry will increase. You will find that your capabilities have grown, and you will overcome boundaries you have faced previously. Your confidence in your ability will benefit, and from this you may begin to broaden your horizons. This can mean increased salary; job offers within a competitive market or progression within your current role.

Access to the MRICS CPD support pack

            Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses are essential for continued success within construction. Due to the complexity of the role, laws and legislation are consistently changing. The best way to maintain a current understanding of the effects this may have on your team or your projects is to enrol in CPD courses. MRICS understand the importance of continued development and therefore offer their own CPD support pack.

Lionheart charity

            RICS have set up a charity specifically to support their members through any challenges they may face throughout their career. Designed to support members health and wellbeing this organisation is available to all MRICS members in need of help. As well as offering one on one support there is also free webinars available. Additionally, the assistance can be extended to financial support, legal services and help provide family support.

Benefits Plus programme

            Due to the nature of the benefits provided in this programme it is only available to selected countries. Through benefits plus you can gain access to business offers such as company cars or insurance offers such as health insurance or home insurance. RICS work closely with trusted brands to provide quality products at affordable prices. Moreover, they understand the importance of stability and security, hence their partnership with insurance providers.

Modus and Journals for MRICS

            Finally, chartered members have access to a wide variety of resources supplied by RICS to help development. MRICS will be granted access to Modus, an external publication. A platform in which new content is published weekly to help inspire and lead professionals throughout their career. Additionally, RICS provides sector specific journals that are tailored to meet the need of RICS professionals. Varied in content, the journals cover technical updates, guidance, and methods of best practice. Through these journals members can access support quickly and efficiently.

Application for MRICS

            The application process for MRICS can be quite challenging, even for the most experienced construction workers. Therefore, many external companies can help provide assistance and support with the application process. There are two routes available for anyone looking to become a chartered member, there is the APC and the Senior Professionals, Specialists or Academics. APC is the most popular of the two methods as it is often thought if as the most accessible route. Institutes such as the College of Contract Management can help provide support and guidance to help you with your application process.

            The support and guidance from companies such as the College of Contract Management can help you strengthen your application. In order to become MRICS you will need to provide evidence of previous achievements. The College will help you find appropriate evidence and help you build an appealing profile for yourself.  They can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. This can then give you a good idea of any skills you may want to highlight in your application as well as any skills you may want to train in further.

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