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Posted by Home Scapes on June 9th, 2016

When in deep sleep, our head and neck tend to fall into various degrees that can often result in wrong alignment of our body. This generally leads to wrong posture which unnecessarily put stress and strain on our various body parts. Our brain often gives our body, a command to reposition itself on experiencing little pain, but our body tends to ignore the command. As a result, we get up with sore neck, back and lower back pain. There are surely few factors which are not under control like age factor, wear and tear, but few preventive measures can surely minimize the risk.

Medical research suggests that not only the incorrect sleeping position, but sleep itself plays a vital role in causing musculoskeletal pain, thus causing neck and shoulder pain. Sleep disturbances are also a major contributor in causing chronic health problems that lead to pain in various body parts.

Prevention is always better than cure. So you can take small steps that can make your life a little better. For the starters change your pillow if it is not according to your sleeping position. Always sleep with a comfortable neck cushion that is specially designed to treat muscle pain. The misalignment between the different body parts can cause stress and strain which thus lead to muscle spasms. A correct cushion can help you reduce your cervical pain by contouring according to your body frame and bringing your body back to right posture.

Your body posture reveals a lot about your health issues if you pay heed. If your posture highlights a forward head carriage then it is simply giving a sign that your spine has lost some of its normal curvature. To bring back to its normal position use these medically tested cushions. It takes off the pressure from the nerves and helps avoid misalignments, thus, relieving tension, muscle soreness and pain. They equally distribute the weight and soothe down the pressure joints also they will keep your spine from bending downwards or upwards. For optimum comfort you can use them regularly as they are recommended by most of the therapists.

Also avoid using heavy weights if you have neck pain or spondylosis. Do your best to avoid stress as it can also be a root cause of many problems. It is also always recommended to keep moving your neck and muscles while working. Avoid sitting continuously in the same position for a long period. There are few easy stretches that you can do anywhere while sitting in your chair to avoid stiffness of shoulders and neck.

Home Scapes India offers variety of solutions that functional and can provide great comfort for your neck and back pain. Their cervical spondylosis pillows are designed especially to treat the chronic problems which are cause by inappropriate sleeping problems. 

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