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Posted by peter john on June 9th, 2016

When someone dedicates their lives to a sport of physical activity that commands them to push themselves daily and reach their highest potential precautions must be taken for the sake of the person’s physical and mental health. This is why Revision’s Sports Recovery Program exists as a Beverly Hills holistic health. The program is established to help athletes take care of themselves when any injuries or difficulties occur. Sports therapy offers various treatments that will cater to an athlete’s specific needs and encourage them not to loose sight of their goals as their injuries heal and their bodies become stronger.


Revision’s Sports Recovery Program aids athletes with a range of injuries from sprains and strains, to tendonitis, chronic pain and more. Dr. Tang and his team take time to professionally assess the best way to address the injury and help the athlete move forward. Taking the time to diagnose and attend to the injury can be a long-term process calling upon several therapeutic treatments to not only treat the problem, but to also prevent the current injury or any other future injuries from happening again.

Personal Training and Nutrition Plans

Physical improvement comes with treating your body right inside and out. The Sports Recovery Program will encourage athletes to exercise certain techniques to improve any injuries and their health by considering how they work their body and how they feed their body. Many injuries and difficulties occur when the athlete doesn’t notice that what they consume affects their performance just as much as their habitual practices. Dr. Tang will remind athletes the importance of a healthy diet and apply the benefits of their discipline to the ongoing improvement of their Beverly Hills holistic treatment.

Massage and Aid

The Sports Recovery Program also includes treatments and healing techniques for the athlete, such as massage and trigger point therapy, chiropractic care, and making sure injuries are properly braced or taped during functional activities. The treatments are meant to encourage the athlete that the obstacles they’re facing won’t hold them back for long. As the healing is encouraged to help the athlete see their goals aren’t out of sight, the athlete will continue to grow and improve physically, mentally, and emotionally. A therapy treatment known as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) can bring an athlete outstanding improvement in their performance and state of mind which is why it’s a very important part of the Sports Recovery Program. HBOT helps injuries recover faster, encourage stem cell proliferation, boost serotonin levels, and more. The results of HBOT are wondrous and plenty of success stories exist to confirm that.

The ultimate mission of the Sports Recovery Program in Beverly Hills is to keep athletes on the road to success even when there are a few set backs. We want their injuries to heal, their mentality to stay positive, and their performance to shatter any limitations.

If you’re interested in being enrolled or want to learn more about the Sports Recovery Program, contact Revision today by calling or through email to set up an appointment today.

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