Things Need to Consider Before Installing Refrigeration System

Posted by Craft Group on October 6th, 2022

Any retail food store must have access to a reliable refrigeration unit. Suppose you run a company that deals in manufacturing or storing food. In that case, you will need a refrigeration system of sufficient quality to preserve your inventory and guarantee the health and safety of your clientele. Make sure that you have the following points in mind before proceeding with the refrigeration system installation.

Factors before buying a refrigeration unit

Evaluate the size

Before making a purchase, it is essential to assess the area where you intend to put the refrigeration system. Failing to do so may result in a lack of space in the long run when managing space in kitchens or storing raw materials. Before building a kitchen, you should take up extra room and consider where the refrigerator will go. There are occasions when customers have difficulty adjusting the fridge in the restaurant. Therefore, taking the measurements of the refrigerator space is the ideal next step to do. When considering the purchase of a new refrigerator, size is of the utmost importance. If the unit is too large or too small, it may be impossible to install it in the kitchen, and it will be necessary to find another location.

Energy Efficient

The installation of a refrigerator is one of the primary factors contributing to an increase in monthly energy expenses. They need significant power since they have to be operational throughout the clock. Consequently, selecting the model that provides the possible cooling capacity while consuming the least energy is necessary. For example, the operating pressures of hydrocarbon refrigerants are approximately 20% lower than those of fluorocarbon refrigerants. In addition, hydrocarbon refrigerants are more effective heat conductors than fluorocarbon refrigerants by around 50%. As a result, many European companies that make commercial and residential refrigeration equipment have shifted their focus to hydrocarbon technology. In Europe, about 8 million refrigerators based on hydrocarbons are manufactured yearly. A system like this will reduce the amount of money you spend on your utility bills and help protect the natural world. These days, manufacturers rely on cutting-edge technologies to ensure that their products have the lowest possible energy footprints.

Environmental friendly

The refrigerant that you decide to use is likely the factor that will have the most significant impact on this situation. The phrase “global warming potential,” or GWP, is used to assess different types of refrigerants. The greater a refrigerant’s global warming potential (GWP), the greater it’s environmental risk. Like Hydrocarbon refrigerants are natural, nontoxic refrigerants that do not contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer and have a shallow potential to contribute to global warming. The five natural refrigerants—air, water, carbon dioxide, ammonia, and hydrocarbons—refrigerate the whole shop, making them the most effective and ecologically friendly refrigerants in the world. These refrigerants keep the store’s inventory cool. Water consumption is another factor that must be considered since it has the potential to impact the environment.


Quality should be your number one priority when getting a refrigerator installation. The home appliance you invest in needs to come with a warranty that covers several years. Failures in your refrigeration system may cost you a lot of money. This is because the refrigerator will work continuously to maintain your stock cool and frozen. Therefore, you need to select a refrigerator from a company with a track record in the industry of producing only appliances of the highest possible quality and durability. Nevertheless, regardless of how high-quality your apparatus is, keeping it in excellent working order is critical by subjecting it to routine servicing and making any repairs on time.


When investing in any machinery, you must consider all the costs associated with designing a sustainable refrigeration system. These costs include any structural or construction costs in addition to the capital costs associated with the equipment itself. In addition, you must consider the cost of operating and maintaining the system in your calculations.

Operating Expenses

A refrigeration system needs to be customized to match the business’s particular operations and maintenance requirements. The system’s capability for redundancy, total space footprint, serviceability, and capacity to support future expansion are critical aspects to consider in this context. This category endeavors to make as precise of a forecast as it can on any potential future costs and challenges linked with the system.


For anyone who wants to buy a refrigeration system, it is essential to understand the different factors that can impact the system’s overall performance. You can consult the Craft Group if you are also looking for a quality manufacturer that can provide the best Hydrocarbon refrigeration system. It is one stop destination where you can get a quality refrigeration system. For information, you can log in to

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