Different Ways To Purchase Gold Coins in India

Posted by Nigam Ashru on October 6th, 2022

Indians have long preferred gold as an investment choice. In general, gold is regarded as the safest asset for investment since its value is thought to rise. Gold has significant liquidity in places such as India, which implies it could be exchanged to cash quicker as compared to most other assets.

Is purchasing gold coins a wise investment?

It is beneficial to have gold investments as a component of a portfolio diversification strategy, although gold is better suited as a coin investment instead of as jewellery, as most Indians believe. Consider some of the advantages of gold coins investing if you intend to invest in gold.

  • Gold coins are more liquid and can be quickly turned into cash.
  • Because the price of gold tends to rise when other investment channels such as bonds fall, gold coin values closely mirror the actual market price, unlike jewellery.
  • The cost of making charges on gold coins is lower.
  • Gold coins have hallmarks and are guaranteed to be 99.9 per cent pure, whereas jewellery has yet to get a hallmark.

What are the various methods for making an investment in gold coins in India?

Although gold jewellery is the most common type of gold investment in India, gold coins could also be acquired. But, before you purchase one, bear the following in mind:

  • Examine the quality of the coins, which would disclose the amount of karat gold used in their production.
  • Examine the genuine hallmark, which serves as a purity identifier.
  • The weight of the coin is useful in determining how many grammes the coin is.

Where should You shop?

1. From financial institutions:

Banks are one of the venues to purchase gold coins.

Advantages of purchasing gold coins from financial institutions:

  • Provides savings if the coins are purchased in bulk.
  • Banks sell gold coins with the greatest purity, 24 karats and 999.9 purity.
  • Tamper-proof wrapping for the gold coins bought.
  • Banks also act as a means of verifying the validity of gold coins.

Many people believe that banks are the greatest location to acquire gold coins in India because of their vast reach.And the gold rate is expected to stay consistent among banks, or at least across the same institutions in various locations.

2. From jewellers

Furthermore, you may get them from jewellers. Nevertheless, take into consideration that not all jewellers will swap gold coins for cash. Rather, they usually anticipate you to purchase gold jewellery at the same price.

It is important to note that the gold rate differs among jewellers in various cities within a similar state and also across the state.

3. From other sources

With the beginning of the pandemic the year before, gold purchasing has also gone online. Most jewellers created internet platforms to allow clients to buy not just ornaments but also gold coins.Other social media platforms or mobile apps have emerged in the last year through which you, as a customer, may purchase gold coins. These platforms are supported by firms that sell or trade gold.

While the purchasing of gold looks to be simple using these mobile apps or digital wallets, regulation is still lacking. As a result, although being secure, gold coin investing through these platforms should be approached with caution.

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