Get proper hair care strategy with avodart hair loss techniques

Posted by siabenet on June 9th, 2016

 It is a dream for one and all to have a long luscious hair that would enhance beauty of an individual. This being an important part of one’s beauty, one needs to be extremely cautious with respect to its maintenance. With pollution levels increasing, hair loss is a general issue. So, one can surely try out latisse for hair loss. This helps in strengthening of hair roots, and so volume of it is maintained. One can use avodart hair loss techniques to make sure that no such cases occur in future.

For a woman, having great luscious locks are truly a dream. This is primarily because, in present era, maintaining and managing such hair is quite difficult. Also, stress, overuse of drugs and such other things are instrumental in loss of hair in an indiscriminate manner. So, it is extremely important that we take proper care of our locks, and start using certain medicines that would help in its regrowth.

Using Avodart:

Dutasteride or Avodart, as it is known, happens to be a steroid that prevents conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in one’s body. Since, DHT is used for developing benign prostatic hyperplasia; Avodart is used for treating it. In case of hair loss strategies, this is also important for managing one’s locks. With Avodart, formation of DHT 5 alpha dihydrotestosterone can be blocked. In this way, men can regain their hair back, and problems associated with baldness can find solution. On a general note, with avodart hair loss technique, results of increased hair growth can be achieved within 6 months and that too at an average rate of about 108 hairs, just with a dose of 2.5mg of Dutasteride.

When this Avodart is compared to other chemicals such as Finasteride, one can see an increase of 1.5 times in hair count.  As per studies, 96 hairs have grown with 0.5mg Dutasteride, in comparison to around ~72 hairs with 5mg Finasteride, within a period of 6 months. Hence, compared to any other drug, used for hair regrowth policy, this is truly effective, and so people can make use of this side-effect free drug.

Using of Latisse for hair regrowth:

Bimatoprost or Latisse is a drug that is currently under testing regarding its usage in Glaucoma. This drug is used in an extensive manner for treating problem of thin eyelashes in men. This drug helps in growth of thick hair in men. Hence, this was used for treating baldness in men as well. As per reports, compared to other techniques and drugs such as Minoxidil, this drug Latisse is way more useful.

The results were based on expert panel review. However, there has not been any proper result as to how latisse for hair loss is used in real terms. Contrary to other drugs, this shows a 5% increase in hair growth in men, but in most cases, it is hair growth in eyelashes that matter most.

What is most important factor before usage of any drug for hair loss treatment is to check out amount of drug that has been prescribed by doctor, and actual amount that is being used. This is important to prevent drug overuse, and decipher actual amount.

In case you are looking out for a perfect hair regrowth technique then avodart hair loss is a great choice. For a person looking for other options to prevent hair loss, latisse for hair loss can be a good try.

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