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Posted by Macmillanwu on October 8th, 2022

After the two weeks-long network event the new area may be referred to as Het's Oasis - a place for learning and exploration with new talent-associated information for those striving to develop their Agility in Hunter with OSRS gold, Farming and Agility skills.

"Heroes are able to assist Het the God of Death in Eye of Het mini-quests as they explore Het's Tomb to find a valuable item that can be a useful resource the younger gods as part of the Elder God Wars saga," the link to launch reads.

In a brand new occasion that will run from now until January 3rd, 2022 gamers could be capable of have a hand on new versions of the classic "Partyhat" the object that became the initial of the best items available throughout a Christmas occasion manner prior to 2001. The original version was available in yellow, red, inexperienced, purple, blue, or white, players in the RuneScape game can take part in "The Golden Party Hat Hunt" quest is going to allow players to get rid of one of the most sought-after cosmetics with a metallic sheen.

Since party hats have been at the beginning handiest to purchase in moderate amounts for a brief period and are due to the fact been discontinued and any player lucky enough to possess them can sell them for billions of cash. Although the hats are only ornamental and do not offer any stat bonuses currently, they're the most expensive product on the Grand Exchange, hitting the highest value of 2.1billion gold in 2015.

In order to put their hands on and heads inside the Golden Party Hat with OSRS GP, gamers could be required to finish "diverse targets" to earn 8 gold shards for his or her efforts. After all eight shards have been taken, they can be combined into the Golden Party Hat.

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