Wide applicability of green silicon carbide and silica sand

Posted by hnhxgk on June 10th, 2016

The Industrial and mineral production companies have immense application. The various products manufactured at the manufacturing unit are utilized in accordance with the need and priority. There are a wide variety of products made, which cater to the need of other industries. The products are available in the form of coarse grains as well as powder. So, whether the client requires, Green silicon carbide powder or the grains these can easily be procured from the ace manufacturers. However, it is important in here to understand that the Price of green silicon carbide powder will be altered in accordance with the ace attributes and system utilized.

It will be interesting to know the properties and application of this significant mineral.

Physical properties of the green silicon carbide:-

  1. This mineral has high hardness.
  2. It is chemically inert.
  3. It possesses high thermal conductivity.
  4. It is resistant to wear.
  5. It is resistant to thermal shock.
  6. It has good electrical conductivity.
  7. It is an abrasive material.

Application regime:-

There are a number of applications of this material:-

  1. It is the perfect crystal material which can feasibly utilize to process hard metal alloys as well as non metallic materials which involve jewels, optical glass and ceramics. Hence, it has immense application in the jewel industry, glass industry and ceramic manufacturing unit.
  1. The crystals of this material are ideal for cutting soft material. The manufacturing or production units which use copper, brass, magnesium or aluminum utilize it for cutting it.
  1. The abrasive of this material is utilized for the organic wheels, sheets, wheels and belts.
  1. The immensely powdered green silicon carbide is utilized to make the special ceramic as a raw material.
  1. In fact, it is the powdered green silicon carbide, which is used for wire to saw the semi conductors.

This material is available in a variety of sizes and refractory thickness. Hence, you as the customer can procure it with ease.

Another significant material is Silica sand. It also has wide application:-

  1. It is the imperative raw material which is utilized to make plate glass, optical glass, float glass, special glass and glassware. Its properties make it impeccable for the glass industry.
  1. It also has wide usability in refractory material.
  1. The ceramic, metallurgy, foundry and abrasive industries also need this material.

With many number of manufacturer and production company in the market, these should be procured from the preeminent manufacturers.

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