Elite Vein Clinic Expands, Offering Family-Friendly Services With Its First Dublin, CA Location

Posted by Marketer's Center on October 10th, 2022

Elite Vein Clinic is excited to announce that they are expanding their business to Dublin area residents by opening their first location there. The clinic offers minimally invasive treatments for varicose veins, which are approved by Medicare and covered by insurance. With this new expansion, Elite Vein Clinic is looking to help Dublin individuals suffering from pain and embarrassment in a place convenient to home. Our treatments are safe and will provide patients with long-term results.


With this new expansion, Elite Vein Clinic aims to help individuals suffering from pain and embarrassment from varicose veins. Do your legs hurt? Do your legs swell in your feet and ankles? Due to some circulation issues or lymphatic damage, your body accumulates fluid in the affected parts of your body, contributing to the pain. The pain can result from blot clots, poor circulation, and varicose veins. Did you know that leg heaviness or frequent fatigue is another symptom of varicose veins? While muscular disorders and joint issues can be the culprit, venous insufficiency often leads to these results.


Do you get leg cramps at night? Many associate leg cramps with potassium deficiency or dehydration, but these aren't the common causes. Generally, these severe cramps stem from a circulation issue. So let's have a conversation if you're ready to get rid of your restless legs, burning or itching skin, and relentless leg pain. At Elite Vein Clinic, we have a quick three-step process: the Consultation, the Ultrasound, and the Procedure.


Our friendly staff will review your medical history and perform a physical examination during your consultation; we're also happy to answer any of your questions or address concerns. Our highly trained professionals will provide unmatched care, and we will listen to your story. Next, we will perform the Ultrasound in the office; you won't have to go to a different office or hospital to fit an inconvenient schedule.


At Elite Clinic, we waste little time but want to provide our patients with the best care and experience. In that regard, the procedure will be done in-office. We understand that people worry about procedures, but we strive to make our services comfortable. Fortunately, the process can be performed on an outpatient basis and only takes about an hour to complete. Typically, patients can return the work the same day. It's important to stress that while patients may be concerned with their appearance, they should be more concerned with leaving their varicose veins untreated.


Unfortunately, untreated varicose veins can lead to infections, bleeding, pain, and blood clots. While these are the worst-case scenarios, luckily, our process minimizes the risks and quickly treats your symptoms. So, if you're tired of experiencing the embarrassment and pain associated with your varicose veins, leave it to our vein specialists to solve your problems. Then, come set up a consultation; you'll be surprised how quickly we can get you on the road to recovery!

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