5 Steps to Build the Perfect Trading Desk Setup

Posted by Kalpesh on October 11th, 2022

We all have seen how happy, mentally free, and relaxed stock market people are when they are partying and having picnics with their family. This type of fun is possible when they have spent a lot of time focusing on the stock market trends, keeping their mind and eyes open in front of the screen, keeping their emotions out of business, and thinking based on logic, then they have seen beautiful times ahead. Intraday trading is a very stressful job and demands a lot of focus, attention, and logic. Some financial firms have a set of standing desks to let the employees focus. Employers believe that employees might get too comfortable while working on a chair and might make some wrong moves. But what if you work from home and want to create one perfect trading desk for yourself? How can you do that? Keep reading further as we discuss how you can build a perfect Day Trading Desk Setup for risk management in Indian stock market

Step 1: Help yourself with the Adjustable Sitting/Standing Desk (Table)

The first step is to decide the place in your house where you want to set up this and set the furniture accordingly. Furniture includes the Trading desk and a table with ample space for you to work. For setting up furniture, you need to look for three broad factors, one being price, second quality, and third Ergonomics. Several furniture companies can make you tailor-made desks per your room space availability and your requirements. Because any trader needs to be comfortable while working, as ergonomics can divert your mind and let you lose your focus, but the disadvantages here to choosing the tailor-made can range from 3 lakhs to 10 lakhs. So, instead of going custom-made, you can choose an adjustable height chair that can provide you with physical and mental space to focus and stay calm while working. Nowadays there is a trend of standing desks, which allows you to focus more and indirectly helps you to lose weight without any exercise. Standing for a few hours will burn nearly 1000 calories. You can switch between the sitting and standing position to relieve back and neck pain. Some people constantly complain about it after sitting for long hours. So, choose your adjustable desk with a reasonable warranty period.

Step 2: Choosing the Best Match Chair

After deciding on the desk, you must now select the best ergonomic chair. You will need the best trading office chair to get comfortable while sitting in the morning as the trading bell rings. Why must you select the best ergonomic chair? So, to help you support your back and neck, provide enough Lumbar support, and keep your bones strain-free. The standard chair does not provide that much comfort, and you may feel exhausted by the end of the day, sitting all day on a standard chair. The Ergonomic chair helps you have good comfort, and a mentally relaxed body can make better decisions. The ergonomic chair has the following features: adjustable height, adjustable tilt at the backrest, adjustable headrest, adjustable armrests, and a good lumbar support design. This feature helps you sit in good posture, getting rid of any physical annoyance, and lets you focus on the stock market.

Step 3: Arrange the Display Screen

You might have seen that Trader Desk Setup always consisted of more than one screen. Some people may have a set of 10 screens, but this depends on how big your trade is. If you are trading in lakhs, you might need more screens to give you more data. But if you are a beginner, you might start with a minimum of two screens, and you can gradually increase the number of screens as and when you get expertise, enough profit, and, most importantly, interest in making the trade. You can use monitor arms to align your monitors vertically, saving space on your desk.

Step 4: Computer/Laptop and Internet

It is a must for you to have a high-speed internet connection that will never fail you. In online trading, you must know the information in real time. Only then is there some worth trading. If you get delayed in getting information and making some trade, you might lose your investments, so it is a must-have thing. One more thing, consider it a tip, do not just rely on the internet service provider; always have a mobile backup plan. You will not realize its importance until the day comes when you must utilize the internet via mobile. It may provide slow speed, but having slow speed is better than having no connection at all.

In the same way, your computer or trading laptop should also be high performing, or else all your effort will be in vain. Choose the fastest computer that suits your budget; check its RAM, Processor, Graphic card, and Hard disk to store enormous data. If you feel comfortable working on laptops, you may choose a high-performance laptop, too, with multiple screens attached. Using this trading desk you can do trading using software for stock market India for get traffic.

Step 5: Managing Your Cables

When you have set up all your screens on the computer or laptop, the important thing that comes here is managing the cable. It becomes necessary to keep your desk neat, clean, and manageable. You can use the cable ties and trays and apply various DIY hacks to arrange the cables, maybe stick a colored paper or thread or paint it with nail paint to identify which cable is of which device. If you have not managed all your cables properly, and suppose one screen is down, you have to run through the bunch of cables to find out its connection, so manage them wisely and try to keep them below or behind the desk so you don't get disturbed.

So, your Day Trading Desk Setup is ready with all the above things. Remember, these are the materialistic things needed for trading. You need consistency, a learning attitude, logical reasoning skills, the ability to bear the loss, courage to take risks, dedication, and patience. You can learn option trading course in India for trading in stock market using this trading desk.

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