MBA Course in Bangalore - Top Specialisations You Should Know About

Posted by ISBR on October 11th, 2022

An MBA course provides an in-depth understanding of various business and management elements like Operations, Accounting, Management and Finance, which are essential for getting a well-paying job. Throughout the course, students study subjects like Marketing Management, Business Planning, Managerial Economics, Business Communication, Retail Management, and many more.

Pursuing an MBA course in Bangalore will prepare you to get high-paying management roles in top companies in India and abroad. It is one of the best options for bachelor graduates interested in working or managing a business. Bangalore is India's educational hub, with top management and consulting firms such as Accenture, KPMG, Deloitte, McKinsey, and many more. Consequently, over 300+ MBA colleges in Bangalore provide several specialisations in MBA. 

Top MBA Specialisations

An MBA specialisation helps students acquire skills and knowledge for the specific aspects of business, such as Supply Chain Management, Finance, Banking, etc. With an MBA specialisation, candidates become strategic thinkers and experts in managing business and people. Therefore, any student must select an MBA specialisation based on their interest and capabilities. Have a look at some MBA specialisations that will help you earn a handsome salary:

MBA Finance – Masters in Finance is a two-year post-graduate degree studied by students who dream of making a career in financial management. After completing the degree, graduates can apply for jobs in audit agencies, the taxation industries, stock markets, etc.

MBA Supply Chain Management – This degree is suitable for students who want to build strong knowledge and understanding of managing and handling industrial supply chains, logistics, and back-end operations.

MBA International Business – MBA in International Business enhance the student’s skills in Forex Risk Management, Export Management, Foreign Investments, Trade, etc.

MBA Digital Marketing – An MBA degree in Digital Marketing is a two-year post-graduate degree. It helps students know how online branding and marketing work nationally and internationally.

MBA Operations Management – Operations Management graduates focus on organising, supervising and planning the launching of goods or services. They work as Supply Chain Analysts, Procurement Specialists, Operations Managers, Supply Chain Specialists, Healthcare Operations Managers, etc.

MBA Entrepreneurship – With this specialisation, students will learn how to start or build a successful business venture. They work with Financial Analysts, Business Managers, and many more.

MBA Banking and Finance – MBA Banking and Finance is a two-year post-graduate degree. It is one of the most in-demand career options. Some career opportunities after this specialisation are Corporate Finance, Insurance Management, Investment Management, International Finance, Fund Management, etc.

MBA Hotel Management – MBA Hotel Management degree provides an advanced understanding of Food and Beverage Management, Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour, Accommodation Management, etc. After completing the degree, students can work as Accounts Executive, Head Chefs, Assistant Sales Managers, etc.

Earning a master's degree in any specialisation helps candidates get multiple skills and capabilities that will help them seek various job options. After completing their MBA Bangalore, students can select their favourite profile in their dream company. Have a look at some of the well-recognised profiles offered to MBA graduates:

  • Digital Marketing Managers

  • Finance Managers

  • Product Managers

  • Human Resource Managers

  • Marketing Managers

  • Operations Managers

  • Advertising Sales Managers

  • Sales Managers

  • Consultants


It is a universal truth that pursuing MBA Bangalore benefits students in the long term. The degree is a gateway for students to explore a wide range of higher education and rewarding career options in this field. Moreover, after pursuing an MBA course in Bangalore, students can open their venture, startup or business. 

Earning this degree will enhance your knowledge, skills, and abilities to run or manage a business. In short, this course will land you your dream job and offer you a handsome salary in any industry. Thus, no one will ever regret completing an MBA course in Bangalore.

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