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Posted by Swayam India on June 10th, 2016

When a party is being hosted or vacations are just around the corner than the thing that immediately pops up in our mind is the decoration and the arrangement of food. People generally pay focus on everything, from sitting arrangements to glass wares, from perfect furniture to mouth-watering dishes, from music to lighting.

But what they often overlook is that a perfectly set up table can set everyone’s mood while a mismanaged and messy surface of a dining table can put off almost every guest instantly. No matter how much the other settings are taken care of, but most of the times guests talk about food and your presentation skills. If the presentation was good they will surely admire you but for the bad presentation skills, you will get tongue lashing remarks.

So if you are thinking about hosting a tea-party for your friends, a birthday party for your kids and his little friends or a formal dinner for your boss; stop and think. It is very essential for you to pick linen according to the occasion. If you already have one, then it is good if it goes with the theme. But if it does not, you are in a dire need of a new one.

Soirees and linens are close allies; hence the decoration of your round dining desk becomes essential. You need to be careful about many factors when you are planning to buy new linen. A perfect circumference can help you to maintain the proper balance. The non-uniform shape of the cover would look asymmetrical and will give your dining area a messy appearance.

After zeroing in on the shape, you can now decide for the fabric according to the occasion. If it is a casual affair you can pick cotton fabric. Cotton is more popular among people, as they are durable have strength, look elegant and chic plus need very less maintenance. They come in different designs and patterns which you can select according to your personal taste and preference. Solid dark colors can give you a feeling of silent sophistication while floral pattern can add freshness to your dining area. Use vibrant colors and funky designs to prep up the birthday party of your kid as it will add a fun element into the celebrations. For more formal occasion you can go for satin, as they look rich and opulent and perfectly apt for occasion. You need to take special care of satin as they come loaded with different set of instructions unlike cotton.

Swayam offers a wide range of collection of round cotton tablecloths that are apt for every occasion and can create a cheerful environment inside your heavenly abode. They come with variety of discount offers and easy return policies.

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