Custom furniture: where to start? Follow these 5 steps!

Posted by All Around Moving on October 11th, 2022

Custom furniture is desired by many people and, more than that, it is often really necessary, especially in small rooms. As the projects are exclusive, the details are made and thought for what you need and want, with different possibilities of colors and finishes.

 Because of this variety of products, the question “designed furniture: where to start? ” commonly arises. We brought a suggestion of 5 steps for you to follow from the beginning of the process to hiring the planned furniture.

  Step 1: Set goals and priorities

 All rooms can be planned, but who will really define this is you. Which rooms do your need and budget include? From this answer, you will know what to look for and ask for High End Custom Furniture.

 Planned furniture can bring beauty, functionality, comfort and ease of cleaning to the same environment. However, sometimes, for technical reasons, such as the measurement of space, one of these characteristics needs to be in the background. Which one is the priority for each planned environment?

 To make things easier, some examples are: the planned kitchen that, above all, needs to be easy to clean; the planned living room that must be comfortable to receive people; or the planned laundry that has the main objective of storing as many items as possible.

  2nd step: separate references

 Inspiration is not lacking on the internet. On websites, social media and videos we always find references to understand what we like and want. You can separate visual inspirations (style, colors, finishes) and furniture categories (swing cupboard, built-in spice rack, etc.).

 This information will help the professional who is guiding you to understand your personal tastes, needs and expectations. Interior designers and architects will present you with references and ideas, but if they know what you want, the process will be faster and more enjoyable. It's also easier to get it right, isn't it?

 Step 3: Search for serious companies

 This is a very important step, because it is useless for a company to have beautiful furniture, good service, but be known for not delivering products on time, for example. When selecting one or more companies, see free shipping Furniture; ask to see reviews from real customers and anything that can help you get to know that company more. We talk about what to consider before hiring a custom furniture company in this article.

 Also pay attention to very low prices: saving is great, but if a supplier delivers custom furniture that is too cheap, below the market average, be alert. This apparent “savings” can come back as a loss later.

 Step 4: Schedule meetings

 Have you selected one or two companies that seem to match what you need? Schedule a meeting with each of them. At the meeting, ask for as much information as possible. In addition to the value, some questions you should ask are:

 • What is the payment method?

• What is the deadline?

• How are installations made?

• Do you offer a guarantee? How long?

The service and willingness of companies to clarify your doubts will be important factors for you to reach the decision of which one to hire.

 Step 5: Hire the company

 Align the project that will be executed and hire the company that pleases you the most. Along with this stage, there will be a technical visit, that is, company employees will visit the space that will receive the planned furniture to get to know it better and write down the measurements.

 Before signing the contract, check that the information that is there is the same as that which was said in the meeting.

 Bonus: rate the service done

 If you want, you can follow the installation of the planned furniture. Once installed, check that the doors are opening and closing properly, as well as drawers and other items. Keep the contract and the invoice for the products in case you need to claim the warranty in the future.

 Remodelling a space or furnishing a house from scratch has many steps and the moment of choosing and installing the planned Designer Furniture is one of the most pleasant. Enjoy the whole process of bringing more well-being to your home!

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