Get the Best Pump Performance by Installing a Charge Free Conversion Kit in Your Existing Dampeners

Posted by joseeliyo1232 on June 10th, 2016

Today, one of the most important requirements for high performing drilling rigs is to have heavy-duty, robust and highly effective reciprocating pumps. Considering the amount of heavy wear and tear these pumps endure, it is a must to keep them well maintained with proper care and servicing to ensure their long run in the field. Moreover, to operate these pumps at optimal performance levels, advanced pulsation control systems are mandatory. Operating these pumps without adequately managing pump pulsations will lead to severe under performance, operational problems, system damage, shortened service life of equipment, potential loss of assets, and possibly even major injuries or casualties. However, recently, several high tech systems and sophisticated devices have emerged in the industry. These innovations have significantly lowered the risks and increased the efficiency of drilling reciprocating pumps.

One such advanced pulsation control system is the Sigma Drilling TechnologiesCharge Free Conversion Kit,or CFC Kit.Generally, gas charged (nitrogen filled bladder or diaphragm) dampeners are predominately used to support drilling and well service applications. Be that as it may, in the Oil & Gas Industry, these traditional dampeners have a substantial risk of failure and they require a considerable amount of maintenance. These time-consuming measures create safety hazards and routinely hinder output production. However, these commonly used traditional style dampeners can now be converted into an effective shock absorbing, noise cancelling, outperforming maintenance free system. By simply installing the Charge Free Conversion Kit into a traditional gas charged pulsation dampener, the rig’s pumping system is instantly improved and yet, still utilizes existing pulsation equipment.

Aside from the Charge Free Conversion Kit, Sigma has made several more advancements for reciprocating pump systems; creating more reliability and heightening performance efficiencies. From maintenance free pulsation equipment to acoustic resonance and high frequency disruption, their technological progressions are propelling major pumping proficiencies and yielding superior production in the industry.

If you are looking to extend your pumping effectiveness and expand your pumping efficiencies, then Sigma Drilling Technologies is categorically the ultimate opportunity for you. Sigma is the leading manufacturer of high-quality, high-performing, proprietary equipment being utilized by nearly all major Drilling Contractors in North America. The company uses groundbreaking, patent pending technology to upgrade any reciprocating pump’s pulsation control system. Sigma Drilling Technologies is boosting the overall performance of the industry as a whole by increasing operational efficiencies and reducing expenses.

Sigma’s R&D team works extensively on bringing innovative technologies to the industry’s forefront with the ultimate goal of delivering superior production, performance, and overall operations of drilling pumps that are both powerful and valuable.

About Sigma Drilling Technologies

Sigma Drilling Technologies is a cutting edge company offering custom engineered pulsation dampeners and pulsation control systems for the Oil and Gas industry. You can explore their CFC kit and other equipment from their online portal. For more information, log on to

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