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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Credit cards are considered the most widely used modes of paying different types of bills. Payments may range from small to big amounts.

When it comes to obtaining a credit card, there's always a wide range of choice available for the consumer. There are lots of companies that offer different credit cards. All you have to do is to determine which type of credit card offer will suit you.

Since there are more people who apply for a credit card, it is evident that the companies also have this tight competition. They compete for the growing market by providing a variety of ads strategies such as:

Interest Rates

Known companies have a credit card offer at the lowest possible cost per payment. The given interest rates may vary from 1.3% to 5%.

Lowest Amount due

Credit card companies have a policy that a credit card holder should pay for a certain amount every month. These payments include the charges incurred for every purchase of products.

Not paying the said amount would result to adding small charges on the consumer.

Not claiming of dues

Generally, it has been a practice for credit card companies to waive the first card annual dues.

Most offers had been or taking out the first two billing periods, and not adding extra charge once the consumer wasn't able to pay for the time covered by the ads.

Extension cards

These cards are usually given to consumer to allow them to extend the use of the credit card for any of the family members to whom they want to permit the access of the card.

Balance transfer

A lot of credit card companies give lower interest rate charge for any balance transferred to their card to another card.

The catch is to motivate consumers to move all their balance from their present card to the card company.

Payments are set on a specific period of time. However, the downside of this is that if the card holder makes a decision to pay the entire balance before the due date, then no rebated would be approved.

Cardholders that are not cautious of their purchases may result to a huge debt, if he or she is not capable of paying it after the billing period.

Failure to pay or missed payments may result to extra charges that will be added on the interest charge, every month. Thus, it may result to higher bills.

Other offers

If the cardholder pays the entire balance after the promo period, he or she will not obtain additional charges. However, if the cardholder did not pay after the promo ads, an extra charge will be added. But the interest payable from the balance is also waived

History says that the wide use of credit card has been the cause of depression for many cardholders.

The growth of automobiles also results to an increase demand of fuel. And to accommodate huge purchases, these fuel companies decided to accept credit cards to gain consumers.

Nevertheless, if an individual is careful and wary in making purchases using a credit card, he/she may find it useful. Here are some benefits of using a credit card:

1 .Lower chance of losing cash

Huge purchases can be made without carrying lots of cash

2. It is easy to use and readily available

For emergency purposes, like purchasing of medicines may now be easier. There are lots of stores that accept payment through credit card.

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